Backyard Office: Framing

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A lot has happened since I last posted about our backyard office, including the most dramatic change in the construction process, the framing.  Going from a concrete foundation to the complete structure of the building is a pretty crazy change, and it was so exciting to finally see the outline of what it will actually look like.  We have been dreaming, talking, and planning this thing, but seeing it in person is so much better.  All the framing happened in about three quick days, and since then, they have finished the plumbing, roofing, and electrical.  We are waiting on inspections at this point, and then on to sheet rock and insulation.  I’m not holding anyone to this, but it sounds like everything could be done in about 4 weeks.  Even though this has taken a lot of time and energy as far as making decisions on our end, Nichelle and I were both just talking about what a fun process this has been.  I know a lot of people hate the idea of going through construction or a remodel, and inevitably things do come up from time  to time, but we are lucky to have a great contractor who has made this whole process super smooth and easy, and has allowed us to have a lot of fun so far!  It’s fun to wake up each morning and see who is out back working and what changes are taking place.

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POSTED BY John Keatley - Backyard Office: Concrete Foundation on 9-15-2011

It must be exciting and gratifying to see something like this come together, not to mention to be able to look forward to a separate office/studio space. Congratulations!

POSTED BY Kurt Wall on 9-15-2011

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