Backyard Office: Shed Demo & Building

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We used to have 2 storage sheds in our backyard.  But in order to start building the office, we needed to tear down the shed behind our house.  Tearing down that shed meant we were losing a lot of necessary storage space, so we then had to tear down the other shed, and build something more substantial to make up for the space we were losing.  Still following?

Here is a before and after picture of the first shed we ripped down.  As you can see, I am not going to miss that thing.  It was basically a spider cave.  We actually installed that huge window we bought on craigslist in there.  It seemed like it was a good idea at the time.  Nichelle wanted to grow seeds out of the weather, but we didn’t think about the fact that the window blocked UV rays which makes it difficult to grow anything.  I know, real smart.

That’s Ian from Gigantic Squid with the Hammer of Thor.  Turns out he’s not just a retouching wizard, but he can also destroy things with surgical precision.

After watching Ian for a while, I decided to speed up the process, and knock it down with my hands.  No big deal.

The new storage shed is still not finished yet, but here are a few images from the early stages on.  I was pretty nervous about taking on this project since I have never done any construction before.  After doing more than enough research, I began cutting 2×4’s and nailing them together.  I was surprised how easy it was, as long as you think everything through before you begin cutting and nailing.  Over preparing is ok when it comes to this kind of stuff.  Measure twice and cut once as they say.  I also had help from some good friends, and overall it has been a really fun project.

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[...] Next post in this series: Backyard Office: Shed Demo & Building. [...]

POSTED BY John Keatley - Backyard Office: Dreaming on 8-3-2011

I didn't even see this post. Thanks for making me look cool and not posting one where I'm hitting my thumb or something. Second thanks. THANKS for letting me demo part of your house. Anytime you want something smashed with a hammer... you find me.

POSTED BY Ian on 8-3-2011

Very cool. Do you plan to run conduit for electrical?

POSTED BY Blake on 8-4-2011

I wish I had a yard just to put a sweet office/studio in in. Nice...

POSTED BY Nick on 8-4-2011

[...] Previous post in this series: Backyard Office: Shed Demo & Building [...]

POSTED BY John Keatley - Backyard Office: Ground Breaking on 8-4-2011

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