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John Keatley self portrait - Brushing Teeth

Rubbing alcohol looks like mouth wash this early in the morning.  Trying to get the taste out!
6:35 AM Sep 23rd from web

John Keatley self portrait - Heading Out

Trying to get out the door for a photo shoot.  Phone won’t stop ringing…
11:18 AM Sep 23rd from phone

John Keatley self portrait - Brushing Oliver

Brushing Oliver in the backyard.  80 degrees in Seattle!
5:01 PM Sep 23rd from web

I have been a bit slow in joining the Twitter community.  But with good reason.  Reading is fine and all, but who wants to read about what I am doing when you could see what I am doing.  You following me?  So I thought, why just write about what I am doing at random moments throughout my day, when I could break out my lights and take a really cool picture of what I am doing several times a day.  Sure there are some obvious obstacles to pulling this off smoothly, but it can be done.  I really think this is going to catch on soon.  Show the world what you are doing right now, in 140 dpi or less.  Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.

It is probably going to take me a couple of weeks to raise the capital and develop a website to support this new idea, but in the meantime I did join Twitter.  My name is johnkeatley, and at the very least, I will be Tweeting each time a new blog post goes live.

So if Twitter is how you like to stay informed, you can now follow me at http://twitter.com/johnkeatley.
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Amazingly well done self-portraits, John! I’d love to read more about your process. I think I speak for many others when I say your last lighting post was truly an eye opener.


posted by Chris Camargo on 09.23.09 at 10:31 pm

cool idea.. let us know when you have that photo idea up..
I actually use twitpic to show people “what i’m doing”

keep up the good work!

posted by ian on 09.24.09 at 2:25 am

Hilarious. You look pretty ripped in that first one. Forget the lighting, I’m more interested in knowing your gym routine. jk

posted by Matthew Furman on 09.24.09 at 7:07 am

Dude, everyone drools a bit at 6:30am. It’s completely natural. Well done on joining the twitterererers of the world.


posted by mark mohrlang on 09.24.09 at 10:53 am

You are sooooo brave. I guess I need to age more to (eh em) appreciate God’s handy work of myself. Rembrandt always looks great on males. You’d need LOTS of sculpting lights for my portrait. HEHE. Anyways…great shot and I love the pup. He looks so good.

posted by Photorina Studios on 09.24.09 at 11:48 am

These are hilarious. Love the last one, classic.
Let’s hear about your upcoming show. Post details!

posted by Maurice on 09.24.09 at 12:24 pm

great idea! I’ve been resistant to twitter myself but this has much more potential.
Looks to me like you need a photo assistant to lug some gear around for you… *ahem* matthewgebhart@gmail.com….. ;)

posted by Matt Gebhart on 09.24.09 at 4:18 pm

great idea John! make it a reality

posted by Ben on 09.25.09 at 11:58 am

I always enjoy your sense of humour; great portraits well executed as always.

posted by Simon Keitch on 09.30.09 at 11:29 am

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