William Rugen

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Last summer, Nichelle and I were at our friends wedding, and during the reception we sat with photographer William Rugen.  When I came back to our table from the buffet line, Bill was standing over his plate composing a picture of his food.  ”Must be some good food” was my first thought, but some of the people at the table were talking as if this was a regular occurrence.  Turns out for an entire year, Bill photographed every single piece of food he consumed.  I was blown away and amazed by the amount of dedication a project like this would take.  The series is called Consumed, and what makes it so dang cool is the online catalogue where every single picture of the food he ate can be seen.  You can sort the images by month, food type, or search for food.  The giant tag cloud revealing which food items were most popular is also really interesting.  It’s worth mentioning, the Consumed website will make you very hungry.  If someone told me to look at a website of pictures of food, I would probably not do it.  However, Bill’s personality and style shine through in all of the images, and I have spent more time clicking around than I care to admit.  I am also amazed a man can eat as many cookies as Bill does and stay in such good shape.  You will see what I mean.

Bill has been doing a ton of personal work during the past couple of years, and I really love his style and perspective.  In addition to Consumed, which is now wrapped up, he is working on Western Dioramas and Fair Judgement.  Looking at his new work has taught me a lot about shooting a story or idea and making it consistently great throughout.  I have been really inspired by his work, and I just feel more people need to see and appreciate all of the great work he is doing.  His photography is consistently beautiful, and it is so encouraging to see what can come about by making the time for personal work and sticking to it.  Definitely check out his website www.williamrugen.com and make sure you bookmark it.  It is worth repeat visits.  Hopefully we can all look forward to a Consumed book, too.

All images in this post were taken by and are Copyright William Rugen.