Through The Eyes of a Child

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One of the wonderful things about kids is you can always count on them to provide you with outside perspective. It’s so easy to get locked into a routine as an adult, but kids have a way of knocking you out of your world and seeing things in a new light. That happened to me recently as I was going through images from my AT&T shoot with Possible. My daughter Isla saw this BTS picture and asked, “Daddy, why are you wearing trash bags at a photo shoot?”

Trash bag suit for a coffee spit.

To which I replied, “So that man can spit coffee on me.”
With an even more confused look on her face she said, “Why would he do that!?”
I had to think about that for a second before I said,”Well, because that’s my job.” smiling proudly.

Her look at that point said it all, and in that moment I was able to appreciate and enjoy just how unusual my job is. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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