Goodbye Greg Nickels

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Greg Nickels speech

Greg Nickels tearsheet

The end of the Greg Nickels era is near.  Seattle mayor Greg Nickels has run this town for the past 8 years, but recently he removed himself from the Seattle mayors race, leaving two new guys to duke it out.   I have photographed Mayor Nickels several times over the past few years, and he has provided me with some good imagery.  I am going to miss photographing his intensity, but maybe the new mayor will prove to be a good subject also.   It’s not like this is good bye though, since we are neighbors with the Nickels family.  I could always walk down the street and borrow a cup of sugar.

(Here) is a link to the Seattle Met article in the tearsheet above.  You can also click the tearsheet to view it larger, but the article is longer than the image shown here.


Love that top image. As a reader, I love images like that. But I'm curious if you or the magazine ever got any flack for using a less than flattering image like that one?

POSTED BY Maurice on 10-8-2009

Good question Maurice. The speech picture was not for a magazine, and it was never printed. I was hired a couple of years ago by the City of Seattle and this was an outtake from one of the shoots I did for them. I just loved the intensity in his expression, and the feeling in the image.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 10-8-2009

wow, these are the most flattering images of Nickles I've ever seen! great job.

POSTED BY Ron on 10-19-2009

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