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MiiR ad campaign by photographer John Keatley.

MiiR ad campaign by photographer John Keatley.

MiiR ad campaign by photographer John Keatley.

This is the first look at a campaign I have been working on for MiiR Bottles over the past several months.  These ads will be both online and in print.  Soon to follow will be the debut of my first commercial as a director, which will be equally clever and funny.  As simple as a water bottle sounds, there are so many great ideas to work with because there are a lot of water bottles on the market that are difficult to use.  I think this comes across pretty clear in these ads.

I would like to say thank you to Bryan Papé of MiiR who is always so supportive and trusting of my vision.  And thank you, also, to Ian Goode of Gigantic Squid for making the waterbeard magic and going the extra 100 miles to make these turn out as good as they did.

If you were wondering, this is the campaign I hinted at last month when I posted an image from one of the water capture shoots.


Looks awesome!

POSTED BY Jonas Seaman on 5-2-2011

amazing collaboration between the photographer and digital imaging artist :) love it

POSTED BY chris on 5-2-2011

Clever, I like!!

POSTED BY Clint Davis on 5-3-2011

Hey, that's my friend, Tom! Nice wok, John :-)

POSTED BY justine edge on 5-3-2011

No beard for me! I heart my MiiR

POSTED BY Abigail Papé on 5-3-2011

[...] of amazing photography from John Keatley’s Liberia series and a photo booth complete with water beards. After a few words from our founder, the documentary rolled for all in attendance as well as those [...]

POSTED BY MiiR Bottles on 10-4-2011

[...] series, complimentary beer and wine for the 21+ crowd, a little photo booth fun complete with water beards, and of course a screening of ‘beyond the bottle’. Head on over to MiiR.com/btbboise [...]

POSTED BY MiiR Bottles on 10-5-2011

how clever!

POSTED BY Tee on 12-22-2011

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