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Isla Keatley.  Photo by John Keatley.

Just finished up a nice two weeks off work with my wife and our new baby girl, Isla.  She is our first child, and for those of you with kids, I think it goes without saying how incredible it is to be a part of new life.  We are having a lot of fun, and from what I hear, it only gets better.  Thought we would try to get her started early with costumes so she will be ready for her first annual Keatley Christmas picture this year.  It’s actually just a blue monster bath towel, but it’s a start.



I know exactly what you mean... incredible! congrats!

POSTED BY Daniel Fuentealba on 6-10-2010

congratulations john. i remember that feeling. it's pretty wonderful.

POSTED BY joe on 6-11-2010

Congratulations, John! Yeah, it's a lot of fun really. And now you will see your house becoming more and more populated by funny/strange objects ;) http://www.abelequaregna.com/temp/samu.htm

POSTED BY Abele on 6-11-2010

Being a Dad is such an awesome thing. So! much fun. Hard work too. I am so glad that I have as many pics of my little boy as I do. They change so quickly -- it's so nice to look back at all the photos. Congratulations! All the best, Scott

POSTED BY Scott Hone on 6-11-2010

Congratulations to you and your family!

POSTED BY Charlie Clift on 6-11-2010

Congratulations! Take no less than 10,000 pictures the first year. They change daily and the details are amazing.

POSTED BY Mike M. on 6-11-2010

Congratulations! She's beautiful. :)

POSTED BY Tom on 6-11-2010


POSTED BY Raul Kling on 6-11-2010

ITS EATING YOUR BABY QUICK!!!!! JK congrads! That is sooo cute!

POSTED BY Ryan on 6-11-2010


POSTED BY davidmonnerat on 6-11-2010

Congratulations. Being a father of 4 grown children, they truly are a lifetime of fun.

POSTED BY John on 6-11-2010

What great news John - I have two girls and can't imagine what it would be like without them around. Enjoy.

POSTED BY Nathan on 6-12-2010

Congratulations John, we had our second child too, 2 weeks ago, don't forget to take some quality images as they change so quickly at this age. Hope you get some sleep!

POSTED BY Ian Rudgewick-Brown on 6-12-2010

Congratulations John!

POSTED BY Sharon on 8-4-2010

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