Now Represented by Redeye

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I am very excited to officially announce I am now represented by Redeye.  I spent the better part of six months doing an extensive search, including, meetings, phone calls, interviewing art buyers, etc.  After all that, the stars aligned  and I knew I wanted to be working with the wonderful people at Redeye.  If you haven’t worked with Maren or Stephanie yet, you will love working with them.  They are super lovely!  I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such hard working, fun loving, personable and honest people.  Here is to a great year ahead, and thanks to everyone for your ongoing support and interest in my work.


Wired – Hole in the Internet

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Seattle based hacker Dan Kaminsky.  Photo by John Keatley for Wired

My first assignment with Wired just came out in the December issue. You can see the online article with my pictures of Dan Kaminsky and Paul Vixie here. It’s a great story, and worth a read, even if you aren’t interested in secret meetings at Microsoft, and a big security flaw in the Internet. This was my second time photographing Dan Kaminsky, the hacker who discovered the hole in the Internet. It was fun to work with more familiarity than I usually get with a subject. I also flew down to San Francisco and photographed Paul Vixie at his Redwood City office. Paul is considered to be the “Godfather of DNS”.

*Update* David Hobby at Strobist interviewed me about my lighting technique for this assignment and my other shoot with Dan.  He wrote a really nice article, and you can read it (here).