The Robin Hood Of Oil, Except For The Stealing Part…

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Dallas Gigrich outtake for People Magazine.  Photo by John Keatley.

This is the picture of Dallas Gigrich that was published in People Magazine.  Photo by John Keatley.

Sometimes my favorite picture from a photo shoot is the last shot of the day.  And sometimes the last shot happens after I tell everyone the shoot is over.

After shooting for close to two hours in near freezing temperatures, I knew that I had the shot I needed for my client (lower picture).  I had just photographed Dallas Gigrich for People Magazine, as one of their Heroes For Hard Times.

While putting away the equipment, I had an idea (top picture).  It was more like a feeling than an idea, but I knew it could turn into a great shot.  I decided not to fight it.  Dallas and his wife Randi were very gracious, and said that they would love to keep shooting.  The final shot would require all of the lighting I had, so my assistant and I took everything out and began setting up.  Again.  It can be hard to fight your practical side that says, it’s cold, everything is already put away, you can’t ask them to stay any longer.  But the outcome can be rewarding when you trust your instincts and feelings.


Dallas Gigrich and his wife Randi started Tanks By Dallas as an oil tank removal business.  As the business grew, Dallas discovered that there was usable oil in many of the tanks that he was decommissioning.  He then realized that he could donate the leftover oil to families in need of oil for heating.  Since then, “Dallas has donated oil to over 250 families in need who have not yet switched to natural gas for heating.”  – www.tanksbydallas.net

Find out more about Tanks By Dallas and oil donation at www.tanksbydallas.net
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