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Sarah Palin by photographer John  Keatley.

The American Photography 26 book comes out today featuring the best photographs of 2009.  With that being said, I am pleased to announce my portrait of Sarah Palin has been selected to be in AP26 making this the second year in a row I have had work in the American Photography book.  Regarded as the premier showcase for photography, it is a huge honor to be recognized and included with such a talented group of photographers.  Last year my portrait of Annie Leibovitz was selected.  This image of Sarah Palin is an outtake from my cover shoot for her book Going Rogue.


I've just described you to my wife as a "photography surgeon", in that your lighting is so precise... Congrats.

POSTED BY Daniel Caro on 11-11-2010

Congratulations! I love the shot. I had no idea you shot that cover. Great work!

POSTED BY Alex Rubin on 11-11-2010

Congratulations John! I've been following you for 8 years now and you deserve all the success you've found. Keep up the awesome work!

POSTED BY Susan Berman on 11-11-2010

Well deserved! Wunderbar photo.

POSTED BY April Greer on 11-11-2010

Ha. Thanks Daniel. That's funny, and very kind of you. And thank you everyone else for the comments!

POSTED BY John Keatley on 11-11-2010

Congratulations, I love your work! I think the pose in this photo is kind of mischievous, it's fantastic.

POSTED BY Photography Art Cafe on 11-17-2010

I can't stand her but man… what a great picture that is - congrats!

POSTED BY Patrick La Roque on 11-17-2010

Great photograph and congratulations!

POSTED BY Randy C. Brown on 11-17-2010

That picture always stood out to me.

POSTED BY Oliver Ludlow on 3-4-2011

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