Arrows Behind The Scenes Video

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Here is the first behind the scenes video of Arrows by Fences featuring Macklemore. This is so fun to watch for me because the last 2 months have been such a blur. As you can see, all of the sets were built in a warehouse and shot on green screen. Ian Hubert, Nate Taylor, and Ian Goode did such an amazing job bringing this to life with stunning imagery and VFX. I hope you enjoy it.

If you haven’t seen the actual music video yet, here it is: Arrows – Fences feat. Macklemore


Wow, that looks like it's going to be legit. That underwater part was awesome. Maybe it's just the music, but this looks like everybody's just having a really good time. I became a photographer specifically for that. Thanks for the behind the scenes. Braxton

POSTED BY Braxton on 8-14-2014

Fantastic work John. The BTS is great, thanks for sharing your work this way. Very enriching!

POSTED BY Frank Clark on 8-15-2014

Congratulations, and great job to everyone involved in this production! The "Arrows" video is a visual (and audio) feast! Every day, there is an avalanche of "noise" (as Arias might put it) layerly suffocating our senses. But your work has always been more focused and better executed than anything I've come across. You surround yourself with like minded, incredibly talented people that want nothing more than to create, educate, and make things and people...better. Thank you for that and, again, great job and congratulations!

POSTED BY Ike Wever on 8-19-2014

@Ike, thank you so much. That really means a lot. I am glad to be doing what I love and creating work I am excited about. I appreciate you taking the time to write.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 11-6-2014

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