Bill Gates & Dustin Moskovitz for Forbes

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Why are Bill Gates and Dustin Moskovitz, the richest and youngest billionaires in America, laughing?  Let’s just say my joke was so funny, someone bought it, and I no longer have the rights to tell it…  I have wanted to photograph Bill Gates for a long time, and my opportunity finally came around a couple of months ago when Forbes called.  Dustin, is one of the four co-founders of Facebook, and since he is 8 days younger than Mark Zuckerberg, he is the youngest billionaire in the world.  As you would expect, time was extremely limited for this shoot.  We were given one and a half hours to set up the studio shot, and then I would have the first 10 minutes of the interview, and the last 10 minutes of the interview to take pictures.  Immediately after the interview we had 3 minutes for hair and makeup and 7 minutes to photograph both Dustin and Bill.  It was a whirlwind, but I am really happy with how everything turned out, not to mention it was a pretty cool experience to sit in on a conversation with these two.  You can read the Forbes article here.

Here are a couple of shots I took after the shoot of the studio lighting setup.

For the interview image I used a Canon 5D Mark II with an on camera flash which I bounced off a wall to fill in with the natural light coming in from the back windows.  The studio setup was a bit more elaborate, and I used my Hasselblad H3DII-31 Camera with the Hasselblad H 80mm Lens for the portraits.  For lighting, I used two Profoto Giant 150 Silver Reflectors.  One as the key, and one for fill.  The Wescott 45” Umbrella was used to brighten up the right side of the background, and I used two Profoto 1×3 Softboxes as edge lights for the subjects.  A lonely Elinchrom Ranger head on an Elinchrom RX 1100 Watt Battery pack snuck it’s way in, poking out over the top of the seamless as a hair light.  Aside from the Ranger, the Profoto lights were powered by Profoto Acute 2400 watt power supplys, and one Profoto AcuteB2 600Ws AirS LiFe Power Pack.


Love it! Wow pressure eh?

POSTED BY Geoff Heith on 11-9-2011

awesome! was the background light gelled blue, or was that done in post?

POSTED BY brett maxwell on 11-9-2011

Very nice John, thanks for sharing. Did you tell Bill that you are getting a mac? Where were you at when you took these shots?

POSTED BY Matthew Coughlin on 11-9-2011

[...] his less-than-7-minute session with the richest and youngest billionaires in America. Check out the post on his blog here and read the Forbes article [...]

POSTED BY John Keatley on his Bill Gates and Dustin Moskovitz shoot for Forbes | Redux Pictures on 11-9-2011

Love the shot and setup! What kind of stands are holding the key and fill? Never saw stands like that, looks like a kind of boom with no counter weights? Thx

POSTED BY Debbi on 11-9-2011

So, Forbes greyed your blue bacground on Gates, making the image much less compelling (though still nice). Your thoughts on that?

POSTED BY Earnie Glazener on 11-10-2011

Actually, it's a different image in Forbes. Was that their choice or yours? I prefer the one here on the blog.

POSTED BY Earnie Glazener on 11-10-2011

Thanks so much for sharing! Yes, I'd like to know what kind of light stands those are, too, please.

POSTED BY Megan on 11-17-2011

It's called a Jr. Roller. They are great (necessary) for large modifiers like the 5ft. Octa. And it's nice to be able to adjust them by rolling the stand.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 11-17-2011

You are, obviously, Satan on earth. No offense.

POSTED BY Brian Smale on 2-10-2012

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