Thank You Glazer’s Camera

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As most of you are likely already fully aware, Glazer’s is a fantastic resource in Seattle for photography gear, both retail and rental.  We are very lucky to have such a great resource in our community.  Becker and I would like to thank Glazer’s for extending their generous support by sponsoring our trip to the Philippines; Bruce and Rebecca have been so supportive of our work, and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude in helping to make our trip a success.  Thank you Glazers for constantly going above and beyond to support photographers, and thank you for helping us raise awareness about the exploitation of women and children in the Philippines.  It’s exciting to see what we can accomplish through art and a collaborative community.

I have some fun projects lined up in the near future where I will be teaming up, and joining forces with Glazers, and I couldn’t be more excited!  Keep your eyes peeled…


Nice to meet you!

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Hi Everybody! Just a quick post to introduce myself and express how excited I am to be joining the Keatley Photo team! I’ve recently taken the role of Marketing Director, and couldn’t be more ecstatic about both the role, and the amazing people (and animals) I am working with. I mean, who doesn’t want an adorable 2 year old with self-styled hair and a fist full of Cheerios waltzing past your desk from time to time to keep things light? Or a precocious Pomeranian greeting you in the morning? This all on top of the amazing artistic environment of working with John. We have some fantastic projects planned for this new year, and even in week 4, things are off to an amazing start of exciting endeavors. We are diving in head first, and I cannot wait for you to see the results as they unfold! So, hello Keatley fans, it is nice to meet you, and know this is not the last you will be hearing from me. Oh, and even though I often introduce myself as Elizabeth, many of my friends call me Izzy, so feel free to do the same. Happy New Year!! –Izzy



Raising A Stylist

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No one ever said fashion comes easy, and unfortunately Isla had to learn that the hard way.



Herbert Has The Last Laugh

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Possibly the greatest portrait ever.  Apparently Herbert sat for this portrait right after he stole some candy, and planted a whoopie cushion.

Found on a wall at Seattle Central Community College.