Christmas sweaters and a little stuffed goat

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Cheesy Christmas sweaters.  Photography by John Keatley.  Ugly Christmas sweaters.

Cheesy Christmas sweaters.  Photography by John Keatley.  Ugly Christmas sweaters.

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Happy Holidays!  Inspired by this years hottest new Christmas sweaters, I decided to put together a holiday photo shoot.  Hopefully these pictures put you in the spirit. And what says Christmas like a pygmy goat.  Right? Special thanks to Jessica, Brian, and Little Wonder, the stuffed Christmas pygmy goat.  I used these pictures in an e-promo that was sent out to ad agencies and magazines today.

All I did was suggest that we take the little goat out for a few pictures, but I guess that was the wrong thing to say!


Wow. Merry Freakin Christmas. Do you have access to these sweaters at any time? i love what you do mark

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POSTED BY Troy on 2-12-2009

HAHAHAA this is top of the line comedy!! great one!!

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You didn't get Jessica's accordion in there? ;) (wonderful, btw)

POSTED BY skepticle on 12-24-2009

Hi John The first photo in this blog post was on danish national television this morning! They made fun with bad family christmas portraits including animals. Unfortunately, they did not get the ironi in your photo :) Have a great christmas! Marco

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