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Lorenzo Romar with the Dawg Pack.  Photo by John Keatley.

UW men's basketball coach Lorenzo Romar holding a giant picture of his face.  Photo by John Keatley.

Portrait of Lorenzo Romar by photographer John Keatley.

Go Huskies!  Ok, so I didn’t go to UW, but my wife did if that counts for anything.  Over the past several years, I have learned to enjoy Husky athletics because of my strong sense of Seattle pride.  I follow the football team a little more closely than the basketball team, but it was still really fun to photograph Lorenzo Romar, the Husky men’s basketball coach.  He is one of those people who commands your respect when he walks into a room, but I also found him to be very kind and personable.  I think a good gauge of success is when strangers carry around giant cardboard pictures of your face.  That’s when you know you have really made it in life.  Something I think all of us should strive for.

How was work today honey?
It was great!
Did you get that promotion they promised you?
No, but my manager did hold up a big cardboard picture of my face at lunch.
Oh, that’s wonderful!  Congratulations honey.
Yeah, it was awesome!

Many of you have asked about editing commercial work with VSCO Film, and how it looks with images lit by strobe.  I busted these images out after I started using VSCO Film, and gave them new life with just a couple of clicks.  All three of these images were lit with strobe, so hopefully this gives you an idea of what is possible.  I think it works just as well with strobe as it does with natural light images.  If you are unfamiliar with VSCO Film, it is a film emulator that plugs into Lightroom or ACR and makes digital images look like film.  Not to mention, it is an incredibly fast alternative to Photoshop actions and other Lightroom presets.  It really is an amazing tool for photographers.  So far I am editing images 10 times faster than I was before, and I am getting better results.  Here is the VSCO Film review I wrote last week.

I used Kodak Portra 400, and Orange Skin Fix + on these images.  You can see a cool video tutorial and find out more about VSCO Film here.

Material Connection Disclosure


I ended up giving VSCO a try this afternoon for the first time. Thanks for the recommendation, totally cool piece of software, definitely a bit of a timesaver with some serious style to boot.

POSTED BY Luke Copping on 11-23-2011

Thanks for these VSCO-posts, gave me info that I wanted! Can you tell me did you edit those Husky-pics only with the VSCO? Did you do any sharpening for those at all? Thanks!

POSTED BY Tuomas Mikkonen on 12-22-2011

Hi Tuomas. Yes, I did only use VSCO Film on the pictures of Romar. I did however open the images in Photoshop after I exported them from Lightroom and cloned out a few dust spots and remove a window from the back wall of the headshot. But only VSCO Film was used for the treatment of the images. Hope that helps.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 12-23-2011

Ok, Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to figure out little faster workflow on post editing and I've been trying to do everything on LR (And in future with VSCO I hope). But local sharpening and sharpening all the way is one of my concerns.. Always been doing that in Photoshop..

POSTED BY Tuomas Mikkonen on 12-26-2011

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