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Portrait of filmmaker Eric Becker by photographer John Keatley.

This is a portrait I recently shot of my good friend and colleague Eric Becker, who is a director / documentary filmmaker.  For over a year, Becker has been working on his film, Sound & Vision, which “explores issues facing the nearshore environment. It is a film about the oceans, told through the stories of people working to clean up, protect, and restore habitat in Puget Sound and beyond. The film is scheduled for release this fall.”  I really like this portrait, because it hints at the chaos of documentary filming, while capturing the beauty of the Puget Sound that Becker’s film strives to preserve.

I was lucky enough to see the film at a pre-screening not too long ago, and it is really beautiful.  Not your typical everybody freak out, we have a problem documentary, but one that explains a problem and offers hope, as well as a call to action.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, Becker and I will be leaving for the Philippines with Arts Aftercare next week.  I can’t believe it’s almost time to go.

Retouching by Gigantic Squid.


Nice portrait! I love the anachronism and the colors!

POSTED BY florine foulon on 2-27-2012

Is this being released anywhere in the UK do you know? Thanks! F

POSTED BY Freddie on 3-3-2012

Is this being released anywhere in the UK do you know? Thanks F

POSTED BY Freddie on 3-3-2012

I love it! The portrait portrays what he is all about. It has character. Good luck in the Philippines.

POSTED BY Sharon Campagna on 3-7-2012

I love the portrait and thanks for the information with exotic photographs

POSTED BY Illustration on 3-13-2012

One of the great things a photograph can ever do is not only tell a story but also make you ask a lot of questions. The more questions you find yourself asking the more you're drawn in the photograph. And with this image - I find myself asking a lot!

POSTED BY Andre on 3-13-2012

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