How To Transfer Your Domain From GoDaddy

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Over the past few years, I have registered several domains with GoDaddy.  There, I said it.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with GoDaddy’s extremely obnoxious commercials.  I have thought to myself on several occasions, “I should transfer my domains from them.”, but I have just been too lazy to actually do it.  On one hand, they are very smart in their marketing.  They advertise like crazy on a consistent basis, as well as take advantage of multiple advertising platforms.  Whether you like them or not, most people probably think of GoDaddy when they think of registering a domain because they have been so consistent.  Photographers, and freelance artists take note of the power of consistent advertising.  There is a reason so many people use GoDaddy, however insulting their ads may be.

Recently, Bob Parsons, the GoDaddy CEO did something I could’t ignore.  He traveled to Africa to kill elephants, and made a video of it.  He dresses up the whole thing by claiming he is helping farmers who’s crops are eaten by the elephants.  Needless to say, this has become a hot topic since the video came out, and Bob has since promised to kill more elephants in 2012.  I have serious issues with Bob as a person, as well as GoDaddy and the way he run’s it.

I started the process of transferring my domains from GoDaddy and if you also feel this is not a business you want to support, I would encourage you to do the same.  It’s a pretty easy switch and it doesn’t effect your website at all.  You just need to login to your account and go to the Domain Manager tab.  From there, click on your domain, and click the “Authorization Code: Send by Email” link.  This will email you a code which you will need to give to your new registrar when you sign up.  And that is it.

I have had several people message me asking where I switched to.  There are obviously many good options out there, but I chose Network Solutions.  They even have a discount right now for people transferring from GoDaddy if you use the code “ELEPHANT” when you sign up.  You may have to call in to use the code, but it is $6.99 per transfer and you keep whatever time is left on your domain plus one year for free.

*4/14/11 – Update*  Do not go with Network Solutions!  They do have a great introductory offer for transfers, but after that they are ridiculously expensive!  I am not going to make a recommendation for another place because I think there are many good ones out there, but on the basis of price alone, I am not going to recommend NS.

I understand not everyone is going to see this the same way as I do, but I just want to present the information and you can make whatever decision is best for you.  Thanks.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I simply can't support this behavior aether, I will have to transfer domains also.

POSTED BY Freddy Oropeza on 4-5-2011

good to see that you're openly showing those how to transfer. it's pretty insane how he brushes this off so lightly and how his ego must cloud every personal and business decision out there. when the video showed the locals in godaddy hat's i almost lost it. exploitation at it's lowest.

POSTED BY jacob mengelkoch on 4-5-2011

I am in the process of doing the same thing. I also plan on calling godaddy and telling them that their CEO's killing of elephants is the reason I am leaving them and never giving them another penny.

POSTED BY Dennis Pike on 4-5-2011

Another good company to consider is http://hover.com. I haven't used them but have heard good things from @leolaporte. Right now it's $10/domain including registration for 1 year.

POSTED BY Travis Jon Allison on 4-5-2011

I saw this on Erin Vey's FB page this morning. Thank you for sharing this as well as the instructions to transfer. I have been with GoDaddy for 5 years now but will be transferring my domain to another hosting company.

POSTED BY Jenny on 4-5-2011

I'd like to switch for the same reasons but I also have my hosting through them. Who hosts your site? Does Network Solutions (or whoever you use) have a way to transfer hosting where you get to keep whatever time is left?

POSTED BY Jan on 4-5-2011

@Jan - Network Solutions is also a host and can help you transition your site over as well. Should be a smooth switch. I have also used http://www.bluehost.com/ as a host and they do a really good job. Hope that helps.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 4-5-2011

thanks for sharing and for listening to your moral conscience on this and taking action.

POSTED BY Andria Lindquist on 4-5-2011

Up until now, I simply used GD because it was easy to use when setting up our SmugMug site. I'm hoping to see a petition in the works from other Smuggers who want them to stop the association with GD. Definitely transferring & still so horrified over this. Thanks for the tips!

POSTED BY Naomi Karth on 4-5-2011

thanks for sharing this information john. I've always hated the GD interface and now I have a real reason to make the change.

POSTED BY jasmine defoore on 4-5-2011

What a timely article. After another Super Bowl ad clearly written by a 13 y.o. boy, we decided to move all of our domains and now the elephant killing sealed the deal. 1and1.com was recommended on hackernews.com and so far I'm impressed. I believe we are paying $4.99 per transfer and if you contact sales with the Authorization Codes, they can batch transfer for you. Thanks for standing up to this JK. Well done.

POSTED BY Radford Harrell on 4-6-2011

Different topic all together today but a welcome one. Thanks for sharing your game plan with us and also for sharing some of your research as well. I will definitely be looking into Network Solutions.

POSTED BY Ron Putnam on 4-6-2011

i read about it and felt physically ill. i can't watch the vid. i already was loathsome of his biz. now, i will go out of my way to NOT support him. just can't fathom how someone could kill anything.. but in particular an elephant? ok, feeling ill again. thank you for posting on how easy it is to transfer. i am hoping for national outrage... has anything run on the major networks?

POSTED BY heaven on 4-6-2011

Interesting article. The odd thing for me is I moved TO GoDaddy FROM Network Solutions because I had a bad customer experience with them. I'm glad to hear they are working for you. I did find the Mashable article explaining Bob's side to make sense but I can also see how that wouldn't work for other people.

POSTED BY Kirsten Rourke on 4-6-2011

I'm so glad to see that many of us are horrified at Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons' actions. I've even built a page of suggested replacements for Go Daddy at http://www.GoElly.com For every order that comes through that page, I'll donate all my proceeds to foster an orphan baby elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. More orders mean more donations for the elephants. I hope you don't mind me posting this, John. If you'd rather not have it, please just delete my comment.

POSTED BY Barbara on 4-7-2011

Thanks for bringing this up John. Been looking for a kick in the ass to get away from that horrible company for a while now. Also, the promo code works online if you use 'ELEPHANT' in all caps. Lowercase won't work.

POSTED BY Kevin deLeon on 4-9-2011

Congratulations on taking a principled stand. I hope you've not jumped from frying pan to fire, and that Network Solutions have stopped spamming their registrants. As a very small ISP (with my other hat on) I moved all my customers away from NetSol when they abused the WHOIS database about 15 years ago. It was a question of trust --- as their parent company says.

POSTED BY Andrew Macpherson on 4-11-2011

Congratulations on taking a personal stand. The universally most effective way to get a company's attention is taking your business elsewhere, hopefully more people will send a message with their wallets.

POSTED BY Don Horne on 4-12-2011

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POSTED BY Nat Carling on 4-20-2011

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