Howard Schultz Portraits

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Howard Schultz photograph by John Keatley

Howard Schultz headshot portrait by John Keatley

This has been a big year for Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks.  There has been a new company logo, the 40th anniversary of Starbucks, and Howard’s new #1 bestseller book Onward, which I shot the author portrait for as well as some pictures inside the book.  I have been keeping pretty busy photographing Howard over the past few months with everything that is going on.  Some of the images have not been released yet, but one of my favorite assignments which I can show was for The Sunday Times Magazine.  I got some great shots from this one, including this 2-page spread, and the headshot outtake.  You can click on the spread to get a closer look if you are interested.   To get the expression, I sang several songs from The Tales of Hoffmann by Offenbach which I think everyone enjoyed quite a bit.  It seemed to be going well at first, but then I got distracted somewhere around Act 2 while trying to adjust my camera focus and my pitch went slightly off.  I will admit it was not my finest moment, and clearly some in the room were not impressed.  Nonetheless, my off key falsetto created a nice expression which went along perfectly with what the magazine was looking for.  Despite the successful outcome, that will most likely be the last time I ever sing at a photo shoot.


Wonderful story, John. And as a part time AD I think I can help you with the challenge. It probably wasn't your singing per se, but the fact that you chose Offenbach. All the really hip folks stopped using Offenbach for shoot sing alongs early last year. I know it is hard to keep up, but understandable due to you making a wonderful selection of imagery this past year. We (all the cool kids) are now doing Carmina Burana at all of our shoots. And it works out pretty well, but finding make up artists in the coloratura range is a bit of a challenge. Great luck to you and if you need a second shooter who also plays Tympani, give me a call.

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