I’ve Been Framed

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Thank you to everyone who wrote in and asked the fine folks at FRAMED to do an interview with me. It was very flattering to get the call to do this, and fun to spend the day with Melissa and the whole crew. I am blown away by what a great job they did with this video from top to bottom. They actually made me look somewhat respectable, which is no small feat.  In about 15 years, when Isla is an unruly teenager, I am going to make her watch this video, and then I will look her in the eyes, and say, “Respect”.

I know that 36 minute ticker may scare some of you, but I got several comments and emails today from people who said they didn’t plan on watching more than three minutes, and ended up getting sucked in and watched the whole thing.  Hopefully that is incentive enough to press play.  Even if you only have time for three minutes.  There are no axes, or wood carving in this video, but there are a couple of pretty funny moments with a (Spoiler Alert!) karate master.  Which reminds me, I am really excited you get to meet some of my creative companions who pop up in the video as well.

As always, thanks so much for your interest and support of my work.  It means a lot to me, and thank you again to FRAMED!


Enjoyed every minute. Many thanks...

POSTED BY Simon Jacobs on 9-21-2011

Good stuff! You learn so much from listening to other and seeing how/what they do. Thank you for sharing. :D

POSTED BY Nathan Smith on 9-21-2011

Nice John. Very inspiring. Good to see the heart behind the camera.

POSTED BY Drew Starks on 9-21-2011

random, but if you were on the radio, I'd mistake that voice for Dan Savage.

POSTED BY Tuffer on 9-21-2011

Really loved this, enjoyed it! Congratulations on your accomplishments and philosophy.

POSTED BY Kelly Stonelake on 9-21-2011

Great video, nice work homie.

POSTED BY Chris Erickson on 9-22-2011

Great interview John, and very inspirational, especially for a novice like myself. It really shows that you put a lot of passion into every aspect of your life, and it was very heart warming. As others above have already said, that you for sharing this!

POSTED BY Ryan on 9-22-2011

Really good John, Thanks for posting this. I really appreciated hearing about your personal projects, and the emphasis you are placing on your family. That's far more important than the celebrities you've taken pictures of!

POSTED BY Ben on 10-13-2011

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