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I was asked to create a bio video several weeks back, and I immediately knew I didn’t want to do another interview-type video.  Don’t get me wrong, interviews are great and have their place, but this felt like a great opportunity to do something creative and show people a side of me often only expressed through my images of other people.  I think this short film is a good glimpse into my personality and how I think about life and work.  Sometimes words just aren’t enough, at least for us visual types.  So think of this as a creative bio/promo, rather than a literal account of my work and life.  I hope you enjoy it.

I posted several of production stills if you want a behind the scenes look at this video also.

John Keatley and Oliver

John Keatley // Writer, Producer keatleyphoto.com
Eric Becker // Director weareshouting.com
Brandon and Les Hilliard // Director, Editor, Writer, Producer braindancers.com
Rodrigo Valenzuela // Director of Photography weareshouting.com
Ian Goode // Graphics giganticsquid.com
Ryan Dunleavey // Motion
Michelle Chappron // Hair and Makeup michellechappron.com

Music by Björn Olsson bjornolssonmusic.com


John and Co, wonderful job on the video. It looked phenomenal! Music was perfect as well. Goes to show, the magic that can happen when you have a good team working on something fun. Best of luck, keep up the inspiration!

POSTED BY Leon Godwin on 5-9-2011

Keats! Well done. I like it. ALL OF IT! Seriously though, your stuff is really good. Love looking at different things you've done. Take care, Sean

POSTED BY Sean Jackson on 5-9-2011

hello Mr. Woodsman!

POSTED BY chris on 5-9-2011

J-bone. Dude, job well done. The way you emote. . . You've got range. And an impeccable aim with axes it seems. Clinard

POSTED BY Michael Clinard on 5-9-2011

love it bro.

POSTED BY Joel Flory on 5-10-2011

That really made me smile, good job!

POSTED BY Steven on 5-10-2011

And the Oscar goes to ....

POSTED BY Glenn Harris on 5-10-2011

The video was good, but I found it very disturbing the way you were breaking those Axe handles. A good logger would take much better care of his tools.

POSTED BY Jeff on 5-10-2011

I knew there was a good reason to be scared of you, John. I'll stick with my normal lineup of camping buddies, but bravo!

POSTED BY Kevin on 5-10-2011

I love it! Always a source of inspiration.

POSTED BY Dani on 5-10-2011

Nicely done. I couldn't figure out how it was a promo until the clever reveal at the end.

POSTED BY scott on 5-10-2011

Very well done, though, for a second I thought the dog was going to get the axe.

POSTED BY daniel on 5-10-2011

Beyond amazing! It's funny how you describe your style so well without a reference to photography. Great concept and execution!

POSTED BY David on 5-11-2011

love it! i'll be sure to stay on your good side from here forward.:)

POSTED BY jenny j on 5-11-2011

[...] Ugh.. can he get any better? Amazing photographer and he can rock suspenders? Video here. [...]

POSTED BY » John Keatley and his interpretation of a bio video this is the what on 5-12-2011

LOVE IT john. Great choice of music too.

POSTED BY Jasmine DeFoore on 5-12-2011

Wow, finally got around to watching this and I'm blown. What a clever promo for a photographer. I didn't see where it was going until the end and then it clicked very well. Really well done John.

POSTED BY Ryan Scott on 5-15-2011

[...] Keatley, Awesome... Check this out... Very cool... (Read the story here) The Woodsman from John Keatley on Vimeo.John Keatley is a man's man, man. www.keatleyphoto.com [...]

POSTED BY John Keatley, Awesome... on 5-15-2011

This video made my day man very awesome and funny.

POSTED BY Preston James on 6-2-2011

[...] *UPDATE* Watch The Woodsman Video Here. [...]

POSTED BY John Keatley - The Woodsman Production Stills on 6-23-2011

[...] and outdoor types sound familiar to some of you, it is probably because of my short promo video, The Woodsman, shot earlier this year.  You can watch it at the bottom of this post.  It is worth pointing out, [...]

POSTED BY John Keatley - Merry Christmas From Up In A Tree on 12-5-2011

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