John Keister

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Portrait of comedian and actor John Keister from Almost Live for the Seattle Weekly cover.  Photo by Seattle based photographer John Keatley.

That’s my portrait of John Keister on the cover of the current Seattle Weekly.  John is best known as the “former host of Almost Live, widely regarded as one of the most successful locally produced sketch-comedy shows—or local shows of any kind, perhaps—in the history of modern American television.” – Mike Seely, Seattle Weekly

The show ran for 15 years, and the cast, along with John included Joel McHale, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.  The sketches on Almost Live were pretty hilarious as well as short and to the point.  Unlike sketch comedy shows these days.  Although SNL does seem to be getting a little better again.  You can find a bunch of the videos on YouTube if you are interested.

It was a thrill to photograph John, and I am really happy with how the cover image turned out.


wow. the expression is perfect and I really like how you have different colors for the light!

POSTED BY francesca on 11-1-2010

Wow I really love the lighting, any chance of sharing the setup?

POSTED BY Ryan on 11-1-2010

Great photo, but just as important is the man. As soon as I saw his face, memories flooded back to me of when I was younger, watching "Almost Live." Classic stuff, especially for those of us from the NW.

POSTED BY Stephen Wagner on 11-1-2010

Spotted him at my neighbourhood bar Lottie's in Columbia City the other week. Great photo.

POSTED BY James on 11-2-2010

My all time favorite Almost Live sketch was the twinkie breaking through the wall episode.

POSTED BY chrisdavid42 on 11-10-2010

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