John Perkins Book Cover

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The book cover of Love Is The Final Fight by John Perkins.  Photo by John Keatley.

A guy could really get used to this whole book cover portrait thing.  It’s exciting to see your work in full bleed on the cover of a book.  No “10 Secrets to Sexy Abs” or “How to Keep The Doughnuts and Loose The Weight” tips plastered all over the cover.  This is my most recent book cover photo, and as you can see, the subject is John Perkins.  I have already written about John on my blog (here), and I have now had the opportunity to work with him on multiple occasions.  Love Is The Final Fight does not come out until August 2010, but the marketing is getting under way now.  John is a great man with an amazing story, and although I have not read this book yet, I would recommend it solely based on what I know about John.

I hope 2010 is starting out with a bang for everyone!


striking portrait. Love the very shallow DOP, and the background color compliments the subject beautifuly

POSTED BY Dennis Pike on 2-2-2010

This is absolutely stunning! Just superb.

POSTED BY Vanessa on 2-2-2010

Love the photo; the light and color are beautiful.

POSTED BY Eric on 2-2-2010

Is the blur lens or post? Great port!

POSTED BY Ryan on 2-2-2010

Amazing work as always. I immediately recognized him from your previous blog entry. Like Ryan I'm also curious about the blur: post right? or a combination of both?

POSTED BY Patrick La Roque on 2-3-2010

Incredible! This is excellent in every way.

POSTED BY Dani Mouser on 2-3-2010

This is a great shot! Congratulations! I saw the Sarah Palin book in a store and told the person I was with that you shot it. I would love to shoot book covers, it does seem so rewarding.

POSTED BY Bethany on 2-3-2010

@ Ryan and Patrick Thanks guys. No post work as far as the depth of field goes. I shot at f 1.8 or 2.0 I believe, so it's from the lens.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 2-3-2010

Wow. Thanks for the info John - it's so easy to immediately think it's post nowadays isn't it?

POSTED BY Patrick La Roque on 2-3-2010

Sweet! Yeah, its the shallow DOF and contrast that really wins me over here. With the nose and eyes sharp but ears behind the focal plane, makes me wonder if you focused on the bridge of the nose rather than the eyes to move the focal plane forward a bit. I've seen JoeyL use portable strobes and a .6 or .9 ND filter on the lens to achieve shallow DOF even with strobes in bright day light.

POSTED BY Steven Erat on 2-3-2010

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