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I feel really good about this video, and I think it presents an honest look at my trip to Liberia with MiiR this past January.  Several of my images were recently selected in the 2011 PDN Faces contest, and I thought this would be a good excuse to put together a video that shows a little more of what the experience was like and how the images came together.  I cannot say enough about my editor for this video, Andy Maier.  He put so much thought and hard work into this, and his efforts made all the difference.  I feel blessed to be able to work with wonderfully creative people, such as Andy and everyone else I have been creating with this past year.

The man at the beginning of the video is Pastor Kondoh, and he will be coming to Seattle in just a couple of weeks for a project MiiR CEO Bryan Pape and I are working on.  I can’t wait to see him again.  This will be a trip of many firsts for him, including his first time out of Africa, and his first time on an airplane.  Without sounding like a tease, I do have a little bit of freedom to talk more about the project I referred to above.  You can hear about it in greater detail on the podcast interview I did with Faded & Blurred recently.  I start talking about it around minute 40.


JK - as always, awesome. Great to see you and your work going places.

POSTED BY Leon Godwin on 7-18-2011

Love this video...and I really love your work in general, John.

POSTED BY Brian Kelly on 7-18-2011

I'm such a fan of this work and your Liberia project. Great narrated video John, thanks for sharing.

POSTED BY Matthew Coughlin on 7-19-2011

Terrific stuff...as usual!

POSTED BY Jeremy on 7-19-2011

These portraits are very dignified, well done John

POSTED BY Josh on 7-19-2011

Loved this video John! Those kids are so cute! You captured them well!

POSTED BY Mike Fiechtner on 7-20-2011

Inspiring! Thanks John.

POSTED BY Andy on 7-20-2011

Photography assignments that take you into another culture help a person to grow photographically as well as spiritually. They picked the right person for the job.

POSTED BY Sharon Campagna on 8-21-2011

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