Merry Keatley Christmas

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Awkward Keatley Christmas Portrait.  Ugly Christmas sweaters.

Now before you go freaking out sending cards and flowers, you should know Oliver and I are doing much better after the sledding accident.  It was unfortunate timing, one day before our 2009 Keatley office Christmas photo, but the show must go on!  We were lucky to walk away with only a few broken bones, a concussion and some mild dizziness.  The snowman however, did not fare so well.

Please allow me to introduce you to the Keatley team.  On the left is our bookkeeper Nichelle.  Now you have a face to put with the name next time you receive an invoice from her.  I am in the wheelchair, and on the right is our intern Allison.  Oh, and Oliver is on Allison’s lap.   He is the night janitor.  No job goes unrecognized around here.

Every time I look at this picture, it makes me laugh.  I like that, and it is a good reminder for me to continue making images that make me happy.  I decided after this shoot to make it a goal to get hired to shoot a ridiculous holiday portrait like this.  I know there may not be a big market for this kind of thing, but when someone wants it done right, I have full confidence my phone will ring.  I just hope my arm will be fully healed by then.  (Here) are the Christmas pictures I did last year.  The plan at this point is to make this a yearly tradition.

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope this puts you in the holiday spirit, and gives you a good laugh.

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Keep making and sharing photos that you loved making and I'm sure that you'll start getting hired for them. People will be able to see the difference it makes when somebody enjoys their work, and hire you for it. And while I'm not sure its a huge market, this picture's a good demonstration of it being done well... I know I've seen someone (I follow a number of photographer's blogs) who did something like this for a family christmas card, I think. The photo looked so awkward, and there may have been implications of marital problems. I remember a line from that Great Aussie classic The Castle, regarding a friend who makes fake flowers Trace says "She says the trick is to make them look real, but not too real, just real enough to know they’re fake." Also, I hear its against the rules to wear shorts in portraits. Bare skin distracts from the intended focus (faces). Also worth a look: http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/

POSTED BY adam on 12-11-2009

@ Adam Thanks for reading. Rules are made to be broken!

POSTED BY John Keatley on 12-11-2009

Get well soon! Thanks for sharing this very nice picture...

POSTED BY Stefan on 12-11-2009

Them are some pasty legs. Pasty.

POSTED BY mark on 12-11-2009

Merry Christmas Keatley's! Best Christmas card I've seen this year. Killer styling.

POSTED BY Maurice on 12-11-2009

Your intern looks juuuuuuust a bit frightened

POSTED BY Ryan on 12-11-2009

Is Oliver in a union? You may have problems on your hands. I was wondering though, who took the photo?

POSTED BY john on 12-12-2009

@ John At Keatley Photo we do allow our employees to excercise their basic rights while at work. Those being: going to the bathroom twice a day and sitting on the back of the couch to look out the window. These freedoms facilitate a strong work ethic, and loyalty to the company. However, despite these luxeries, we strickly prohibit the forming of unions and talking to other Keatley Photo employees unless a supervisor (me) is present. Even then, no two low level employees (everyone but me) are allowed to speak directly to one another. I am the only one with authority to relay verbal communication in the office place. Also, anyone who speaks to me while looking at me directly in the eyes will be put on permanent leave of absence. So to answer your question. No. Oliver is certainly not in a union.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 12-13-2009

Wow... classic background! I took my own stab at a ridiculous holiday portrait, in retrospect though it needs way more CHEEZE:

POSTED BY ken on 12-14-2009

so excellent. If I had the money in hand, I would be calling you as I write this to schedule the shoot.

POSTED BY Tuffer on 12-15-2009

Awesome. I think that bow adds just the right amount of flair.

POSTED BY Heidi on 12-16-2009

Nice shot for sure. I especially like the bright tights - you should have worn some too!

POSTED BY patrick on 12-20-2009

Yes, very nice. Remember that design firm I used to work for, Gravity? The first year we did an ugly Christmas sweater portrait at Sears and things just get better each year. It must make the Sears' portrait photographer's day. Check 'em out: http://gravitycreative.com/holiday06/ (Be sure to see all 4 years!)

POSTED BY Jacqui on 12-28-2009

John, you look hawt in those pants, man! I can't wait for next year's photo... :-D

POSTED BY Miserere on 1-8-2010

That was hilarious! I haven't had free time to scroll through your work in quite a while and couldn't stop laughing when I saw this picture. You are awesome. Glad your wife and sister have such great humor too! I'm an even bigger fan of your artistry after this one! :)

POSTED BY Katie Price on 4-17-2010

[...]  Thought we would try to get her started early with costumes so she will be ready for her first annual Keatley Christmas picture this year.  It’s actually just a blue monster bath towel, but it’s a [...]

POSTED BY John Keatley Blog » Blog Archive » On A Personal Note on 6-10-2010

[...]  Thought we would try to get her started early with costumes so she will be ready for her first annual Keatley Christmas picture this year.  It’s actually just a blue monster bath towel, but it’s a [...]

POSTED BY John Keatley - On A Personal Note on 12-13-2010

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