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Michael Arrington photographed in his home by John Keatley.

Spending the afternoon with Michael Arrington at his home was a pretty fun experience.  I don’t usually have the opportunity to photograph highly successful people away from their offices, let alone at their homes.  I only got the call from Inc. Magazine for this assignment the day before the shoot, and I was asked not to take an assistant, given some privacy and security concerns.  Thankfully he was not in any huge hurry, so I had time to set up properly without rushing too much.  It was also a good exercise for me to remember how all of my gear works.  I can’t let myself get too soft.

For those who are not familiar with Michael, he is the founder and former editor of TechCrunch, a technology blog.  Michael has been called one of the most powerful people on the Internet by Forbes and Wired, and in 2008, he was listed by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world.  Just days ago, the news broke that Michael has left TechCrunch to start a $20M venture capital fund.

Michael has been described as controversial and outspoken, and when Michael found out that I have never tasted coffee, he pushed harder than anyone ever has to try to get me to break.  He also jabbed me quite a bit for using a Sprint EVO.  Hey, I’ll let people make fun of me all day long, as long as I’m getting great images out of it.  Strong personality, for sure, but I really liked him.  He was fun to work with.

Read the Inc. article this photo shoot was for: The Way I Work: Michael Arrington of TechCrunch


Ok, I just want to make sure I read this right. You didn't say you don't drink coffee, you said "I have never tasted coffee." Wow. Interesting. I really like the simple minimalistic feel to this shot. Compliments your style and portfolio really well.

POSTED BY Matthew Coughlin on 9-4-2011

No coffee ever? Why is that?

POSTED BY Ben on 9-5-2011

You heard right. It started out as a silly bet after my senior year of high school, and then stubbornness kicked in.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 9-5-2011

What was his home like? What was "fun" about the experience of hanging out with him? Would like to hear more ...

POSTED BY Artsology on 9-11-2011

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