MiiR Commercial Production Stills

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Just wrapped up filming my first commercial, shot for MiiR, with my co-director Eric Becker of We Are Shouting.  It was a really fun shoot and the footage is looking great.  We are hoping to have everything wrapped up in the next week.  For now, here are some of the production stills by Scott Everett.  Thanks Scott!  Behind every great production is a wonderful crew, and the crew on this commercial was no exception.  From left to right in the crew shot (last image) is Caven Keith, DJ, Lauri, Becker, Rodrigo, Nina Carduner, Scott Everett, Keatley, and Sarah Finkelstein.  Not pictured is our hair and makeup artist Annabelle Petry.



John, these look great and I am anxious to see the finished product. Nothing like teamwork to accomplish great things!

POSTED BY Matthew Coughlin on 7-22-2011

Heads up, your last link to Annabelle Petry isn't set up correct. Feel free to delete this comment as well :)

POSTED BY Lee on 7-22-2011

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