PDN Faces Opener

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Portrait of Annie Leibovitz is the opener for the 2010 PDN Faces issue.

Portrait of Annie Leibovitz by photographer John Keatley printed in the PDN Faces issue.

The PDN Faces issue is out now, and my portrait of Annie Leibovitz is the opener.  I am very excited and honored to say the least.   This image was also selected in the American Photography 25 Competition last year.  Pretty cool!

*UPDATE* 8/17/2010 – The PDN Faces 2010 Winners Gallery is now online with all of the winning images.  There are some great portraits in there, and a nice note about my portrait in the intro on the landing page.

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That's what happend when two great photographers met each other? An awesome portrait of an awesome photographer!! Congratulations !!

POSTED BY XTofDuran on 7-7-2010

Congratulations John! I have really enjoyed your recent work too, such as the Seattle Weekly cover with Steve. Daniel

POSTED BY Daniel Berman on 7-7-2010

Well done, well deserved. The mark of a great photographer to keep your cool and get the perfect shot, especially when shooting a captain of the industry like Annie. I have been enjoying your work and your blog for some time, keep it up!

POSTED BY Jonathan on 7-9-2010

It's very cool that you got a very cool portrait from Annie Leibotvitz that way! I just came across your work through... you have a new follower :)

POSTED BY Danny St on 7-28-2010

How great to be able to photograph Annie. Very interesting image.

POSTED BY Sharon on 8-7-2010

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