Photographer Video Profile: John Keatley

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I made a quick stop in New York last November, and while I was there I headed over to Redux to do a video profile shoot.  They have been pumping out some great videos of many of the photographers on the roster, and you can see them all at the Redux site as well as the Redux Vimeo page.
This is a pretty cool idea, and hopefully will help art buyers get some insight into how each photographer works.  The videos should also make for some good marketing material in the coming year.

I hope everyone had a restful December, and you are looking forward to 2010.  I have really enjoyed taking some time off recently.  It has given me the opportunity to clear my head, and re-focus for the year to come.  I’m learning the importance of slowing down every once in a while, and just taking a rest.  With the way things are going these days, it’s easy to think you have to constantly be creating new material to keep up.  I suppose it is possible to keep up that kind of pace but it is also exhausting.  I want to make sure I am staying balanced so I can create through inspiration, rather than creating because I feel I have to.

Thank you everyone for your continued interest in my work.  I am working on some projects right now I am very excited about, and I am looking forward to sharing my photography with you in 2010!


Humor? There is no humor in any of your personal work. I had a good chuckle when that came up on the vid. Thanks for giving me a look into your business and I have really enjoyed checking out the work you put out this past year and look forward to more to come.

POSTED BY JeffScottShaw on 1-12-2010

Great video and i love to hear you representing the home town!

POSTED BY Henry Rose on 1-12-2010

ha! I actually watched it yesterday on redux ... I know UK is in a different time zone, but now it feels like I'm in the future :D

POSTED BY gu on 1-12-2010

I love it.

POSTED BY Neckbeard on 1-12-2010

Cool! Thanks for sharing!

POSTED BY scott on 1-12-2010

Great video! I love to watch great photographers talk about their own work. It's always inspiring somehow...

POSTED BY Natalie Jorge on 1-13-2010

Nice! Your humor comes through well, and I still can't believe that the Mortimer shot continues to make the rounds. Reunion-tour? Probably not, but it felt like a dramatic thing to say.

POSTED BY mark on 1-14-2010

This is fantastic, John...it's fun to see your work shown off so beautifully.

POSTED BY Jacinda on 2-8-2010

amazing stuff!

POSTED BY juliana tringali on 2-19-2010

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