Photography Talk Video: Chapter Two

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Photography Talk Chapter Two Video from John Keatley on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed the first video of my photography talk.  As promised, here is the second video, and number three will be rolling out very soon also.  The third one will be the Q&A session.  I cover a lot of ground in this video including working with celebrities, but the main points are focusing on what you are trying to show in your work, and taking control to make it happen.  Some of you have asked which camera these videos were shot on and although I have recently started to shoot video on the Canon 5D Mark II, I actually used this bad boy to film my talk.


Thanks for posting these, John. I'd rather hear a photographer talk about the interaction with his subjects and the thought process of a shot than f stops and lighting ratios any day. I think about photography 90% of the time that I'm awake, and sometimes when I'm not as well. I'm so scared to leave a comfortable job with a wife and a house relying on steady(although she is very supportive), but try to embrace a similar idea to what you mentioned about positive thinking and just continue to work towards my goal of shooting full time. I'm rambling a bit now, but I really admire the style of your work and the way you carry yourself as a humble but talented photographer. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to Part 3.

POSTED BY Ryan Scott on 5-26-2010

Great stuff, loved the first one. love this one, looking forward to #3. But suuuuuuuure, show off your fancy video equipment

POSTED BY Dennis Pike on 5-27-2010

I really really appreciate you posting these videos. Between listening to yours and the Chase Jarvis one I'm jonesing to get out and take some pictures. Thank you.

POSTED BY James Bennett on 5-27-2010

Thanks so much for putting these videos online, it's really great to be able to hear about your thoughts behind a shot and to hear the stories that go with them. Thanks for sharing

POSTED BY Charlie Clift on 5-28-2010

Thanks John, I learned a lot from these, very good of you to post them.

POSTED BY Simon on 6-7-2010

Thanks for these, John. I've found the video really interesting and helpful. Being inexperienced, I was relieved to hear that a pro is comfortable taking more than an hour, with subjects waiting, to choose a setting for a portrait. And as Ryan said, it's good to have someone talk about photography and not just how to use a camera.

POSTED BY Luke on 6-10-2010

loved the 15min two part series talking about your photos and the stories behind them. I think you are a great shooter and hearing some of the stories behind your shots makes you and even more amazing photographer. Thanks I feel like i am about where you started 10 yrs ago right now working towards that first paid gig.

POSTED BY Kevin on 6-29-2010

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