Radar The Talking Dog

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Meet Radar, the talking dog.  What was he saying when I took that picture?  Oh, just the usual.  “Hey buddy, you sure take a lot of pictures.  Wow!  How many pictures are you gonna take?  Ok, I think you’ve got it by now.”  You would think Radar is a celebrity of CEO going on like that.  But seriously, does it not look like he is talking in the first picture!?  Such a beautiful, expressive animal.  I haven’t seen that much expression from any of the humans I have worked with lately.

So who want’s the real story?  Radar is actually a service dog for a boy with autism.  I shot this assignment for VIV Mag, and these are two of my favorite outtakes.  I set up a raised platform in studio to photograph Radar, and he was not very excited about being on off the ground.  It took several tries, and a lot of patience, but I got some beautiful images as a result.  They say you should never work with children or animals, but sometimes it’s the most difficult challenges that pay off the most.

Thanks to VIV Mag photo editor Daniel Montoya for working with me on this.
Retouching by Gigantic Squid.


SO expressive! I LOVE the new look of your processing style - nailed it!!

POSTED BY Michelle Moore on 5-10-2012

I love the personally you captured here!!! Great job :)

POSTED BY Christy Harper on 5-24-2012

Goodness! This dog looks like a film star. The first one just says, "You look surprised." And the second looks like a coy "awww shucks". Just adorable!

POSTED BY Barewall Studio on 5-24-2012

[...] little over a year ago I got an assignment for VIV Magazine to photograph a service dog named Radar and his boy who has autism.  To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think much about the images [...]

POSTED BY John Keatley - Ohhh Wallace on 2-11-2013

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