Ryan Lewis Portrait

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Ryan Lewis in the house ya’ll.  I recently posted one of my portraits of Ben Haggerty a.k.a. Macklemore, and now it’s time to share a portrait of his creative partner Ryan.  They are in the middle of success that very few people ever experience, and this Saturday you can see them on SNL.  Congrats guys!

I’m so thrilled with this portrait.  I have wanted to shoot something with this type of feel for a long time, and it turned out so great.  Big thanks to Gigantic Squid for the retouching.

More soon.


This portrait only confirms, in my mind, that there is no such thing as 'correct' lighting for a portrait. When my portraits are this dimly lit, it typically happens when I'm setting up my lighting and I discover that I've got my strobe or flash set on the wrong output level. This makes me want to turn up the lights just to view. Sorry, but I like my subjects to be seen.

POSTED BY Scott on 2-21-2013

Nice shot. Really bold to do something so different from what you normally do. I feel the highlights help to bring it closer to "proper exposure" and I like the graphical stripe. Thanks for the inspiration.

POSTED BY Oscar on 2-26-2013

I really like this. I've been wanting to shoot something with this same dark, moody look and this confirms why. Excellent work.

POSTED BY damien on 3-5-2013

Awesome picture. Would you mind to mention specs (F Stop, ISO, Aperture?) LOVE the style.

POSTED BY Gamaliel Rios on 5-21-2013

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