Seattle Sounders FC Ad Campaign

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Seattle Sounders FC billboard.  Photography by John Kealtey

Seattle Sounders FC Billboard on the Ballard Bridge

There it is.  My very first billboard.  This is the inaugural season of the Seattle Sounders FC, the newest expansion team in MLS.  Seattle is getting fired up about our soccer team, and it’s fun to be a part that excitement.  The ad agency I worked with was Wexley School For Girls, which I always enjoy working with.

Now I know what some of you are thinking.  Did he paint those people in the background?  No.  That would have taken way too long.  We ended up using a cartoon modeling agency, and hired a few dozen cartoon models to stand in the background.  Ok, that’s a joke.  To give credit where credit is due,  Rachael Ludwig is the artist who created the background art.  I shot three scenes for this campaign.  Fan with a scarf, fan with a flag, and crazy Sounders fans banging on a drum.  The ads will be used for billboard, transit, print, and online.

The shoot was at Quest Field, home of the Seahawks and Sounders.  Since we were there, I figured I would maximize my time, and take care of some additional business.  I have been intending to try out for the Seahawks special teams, so they gave me a quick look.  Here are some pictures from my open tackle and field goal trials.  And a quick video from the photo shoot.

Lots of screaming in this video. Soccer fans are crazy!


nice! congrats on the billboard! looks like you might have a shot at the "special" team. :)

POSTED BY Kim Hayes on 3-3-2009

Congrats I know I will be seeing a lot of the ads. After last year you may have a chance at the Seahawks team.

POSTED BY Ray K on 3-3-2009

It looks like Gabe's feet actualy left the ground when you tackled him. People at home are missing the cymbal crash sound effect. It was a nice touch. Thanks again for shooting these - great collboration.

POSTED BY Brian on 3-3-2009

Yes, the cymbal was pretty amazing! It added a certain theatrical flair as I put my back out. But it was worth it. I left it all out there on the field.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 3-3-2009

Great stuff!

POSTED BY GoSounders.com on 3-4-2009

Great work! Just in case you get to do anything like this again, you should know that with one phone call, you could have 50-100 screaming Sounders fans to fill the frame, all of whom would love to be on a Sounders billboard, even in cartoon caricature. Some even come ready equipped with rave green mohawks. http://www.weareecs.com/ Cheers

POSTED BY TGos on 3-4-2009

Good stuff! Hope you get to go to a game!

POSTED BY KT on 3-4-2009

Brilliant ad campaign. Great work here. I posted your blog on my Sounders Insider Facebook page and Twitter You should feel great about the work you have done and being part of launching the best franchise in MLS! : ) http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=56689860845&ref=mf http://twitter.com/SoundersInsider

POSTED BY Sounders Insider on 3-4-2009

Thanks a lot guys. And thanks for linking to me on your blogs, Facebook, and Twitter! Go Sounders! TGos: Thanks a lot for the offer. We actually did have some people from Emerald City Supporters at the shoot. You can see them in the video clip at the bottom. Scott Buschen was one of them I believe. KT: I hope I get to go to a game too. Wow, I can't believe how fast tickets are selling. I didn't even think to ask about tickets when I was on this project. Oh well. Hopefully I will be able to find at least one at some point.

POSTED BY John Keatley on 3-4-2009

You might have a shot making the Special ED team. But your enthusiasm is undeniable. Well done. You have my vote. Where do I vote.

POSTED BY Bertrot on 3-4-2009

My first billboard too! Everyone keeps calling me about seeing my mug around town. Thanks!

POSTED BY Brad on 3-4-2009

Well, after watching the video I can see how the "Sounders" got their name!

POSTED BY Dave on 3-6-2009

[...] big congratulations to John Keatley who got his first billboard ad campaign up. Very cool to see one of your photos on a giant billboard, [...]

POSTED BY Weekend Perusing: Geeky New Media | Your Photo Tips on 3-6-2009

Hi. My name is Rachael Ludwig and I am actually the freelance Illustrator, who was hired by WSFG to illustrate the background on all of these ads. Just FYI there was not a "cartoon modeling agency" or "a few dozen cartoon models". I actually created the background crowds for each of these ads by hand, using Photoshop and a Wacom. Please check out my website at www.rludwigdesign.com. Thanks and great photography! ~Rachael

POSTED BY Rachael Ludwig on 3-15-2009

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POSTED BY DIY or Prefab? Portland, Seattle and Success in American Soccer Culture | Pitch Invasion on 8-9-2009

Yeah, there was a posting made to all the ECS guys and an email was sent out before the season started, they only wanted about a dozen people. So I know most of the people in the ads, too bad I was busy that day.

POSTED BY jed on 8-14-2009

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