Security At It’s Finest

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I recently spent a week in New York and DC, meeting with photo editors and art buyers.  In New York, many of the buildings that I visited require you to check in and wear a visitor badge.   Some places are more strict than others.  One security check point was so thorough, I thought they were going to require a blood test.

Another building, in particular, (which should be pretty obvious from the picture below) had a lengthy line at the security check in and did not move very fast.   When I finally made it up to the counter, I was told that my name was not on “the list”.  This meant that they had to call my contact, and my contact had to get someone else with clearance to put me on the list, so that security could let me through.   I also had to get my picture taken.  You can’t be too safe these days.  And here it is!  Are you serious!?  After all that, and all the high tech equipment that is available today, this is the best they can do?   Really makes a criminal think twice.   If I did anything illegal while I was in the building, they at least would have known what shape to be looking for.  I will admit, this is one of the best pictures ever taken of me though.  Right after my drivers license photo.
security pass


That is hilarious. They do the same thing at 30 Rock. I was visiting NBC offices in New York and I am a Universal Pictures exec (so an employee of the same company) and I still had to have my picture taken and go through rigorous security.

POSTED BY Carolyn on 6-24-2009

I'm not sure whether to be stunned or amused.....can I be both?

POSTED BY Gregg Bond on 6-24-2009

What you don't realise is that they're actually being really clever...wait, run with me on this one...You see, when their security cams pick up a shadowy figure rifling through the CEO's filing cabinet, they can pick up your photo id and say with confidence 'yes, this looks just like our suspect'...

POSTED BY Richard on 7-23-2009

Yet another case of "profiling". They were stereotyping against your silhouette. Notify the ACLU post haste!

POSTED BY Robert on 7-23-2009

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