Sounders FC Goalkeeper Kasey Keller

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Seattle Sounders FC Goalie Kasey Keller.  Photo by photographer John Keatley

It’s almost time for my two favorite professional sports.  Lawn darts, and baseball.  Just kidding!  Soccer and baseball.  Although we may be watching lawn darts if MLS and the union don’t come to an agreement soon.  Aside from that, it is pretty exciting to be a soccer fan in the Pacific Northwest right now with how the Sounders have taken the country by storm.  The first game of the 2010 season will be played here against Philadelphia, the newest expansion team to MLS.  And don’t even get me started about next year when the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Portland Timbers will join MLS.  Those rivalries will be amazing!

This is a picture I recently took of Kasey Keller.  Kasey is the goalkeeper and captain of the Seattle Sounders FC.  From my time with him, he seems like a laid back fun loving guy who doesn’t take life too seriously.  While we were talking on set, he said “I get to play a game and catch a ball for a living.”  It was fun to see that side of him, but going into the shoot, I wanted to capture some of his competitive spirit.  One of the Sounders games I was at last season I spent some time on the grass right behind the goal.  Qwest Field is known for being a loud stadium and the fans can carry on with the best of them.  But as loud as it was in the stadium, I could hear Kasey screaming instructions to his teammates over the crowd.  With that in mind, I asked Kasey if he would yell at me for a few pictures.  I half expected to be rejected, but he said sure and started yelling.  I won’t repeat what he yelled, but it was pretty funny.

Go Sounders!

(Here) is a post with video and pictures from the Sounders billboard I shot last season.


Mr. Keatley: For some reason, I feel compelled to let you know that when I see a new post from your blog in my reader I get very excited. I have many "favourite" photographers, but you rank above everyone. The mix of seriousness, tenderness, and humour in your photographs constantly amazes me. When I look at your portraits I get a sense that the person in the photograph wants to impart their knowledge on me, which I feel speaks to your incredible skill as a photographer. I look forward to the next post. John.

POSTED BY John Wilson on 2-25-2010

Great shot, I can't believe he's still going. He had a great career over here in the UK at some of the top clubs.

POSTED BY Stuart on 2-25-2010

Just love Keller's expression here. Is he actually saying Gooooaaaaallll!!!! He is in my mind at least. Nicely done.

POSTED BY Adam Loewen on 2-25-2010

I remember going to cheer Casey on when he was a student and UofP. My dad and I used to go all the time...

POSTED BY Jon on 2-25-2010

Another great shot. Hopefully my book of portraits will come of this good.

POSTED BY Chris on 2-27-2010

Had to find a photo for my Facebook Page for the big Seattle/PDX game July 10, and this fits the bill perfectly. Great shot!

POSTED BY Mark Treick on 7-8-2011

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