Snoqualmie Casino / Above It All

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Snoqualmie Casino ad. By photographer John Keatley.

Snoqualmie Casino ad. By photographer John Keatley.

Snoqualmie Casino ad. By photographer John Keatley.

Whoop whoop!  Here are 3 of the 6 new ads I just photographed for Snoqualmie Casino with ad agency Green Rubino.  I’m really proud of how these images came together.  Lot’s of firsts on this project.  I had my first 3:00am call time, first time shooting models jumping on a trampoline in high heels, and first time winning $100 on slots while working.

There are a ton of casino’s fighting for business these days, and most of the ads I have seen all pretty much look the same.  A dude eating a big hamburger, a pretty lady rolling dice, and a group of friends out to dinner.  Not to mention the photography is usually pretty bad.  It’s easy, and what I am sure people have come to expect from casino ads.  That is why it was so refreshing to work with Green Rubino on this campaign because it was a well put together concept with high production value.  Snoqualmie Casino is going to stand completely apart from the competition.  At least until the competition has time to scramble and try to copy this.

As always, a very big thank you to the wonderful people at Green Rubino and Snoqualmie Casino for working with us on this ad campaign.  Dennis Budel, Jason Vargas, Joe Quatrone, Peggy, and Michelle Hendrickson, congrats and well done!  Time to celebrate.

Agency: Green Rubino
Creative Director: Joe Quatrone
Associate Creative Director: Dennis Budell
Photographer: John Keatley
Producer: Taylor Reed
Hair & Makeup: Cara Aeschliman
Wardrobe: Morgan Dillon
1st Assistant: Gregg White
2nd Assistant: Oliver Ludlow
Retouching: Gigantic Squid
CGI: Vitamin-E Studio
Talent Agency: All About You, Bell Agency


Heavenly Ski & Ride School

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Blogging has been a little less frequent than usual these days, but it’s only because I have been so busy shooting some pretty awesome ad campaigns.  We have 3 new campaigns coming out in the upcoming weeks, but before we get to those, I want to share with you this recent ad campaign.  It is for the Ski & Ride School at Heavenly Mountain Resort, and worked with Hammerquist Studios.  What a fun and hilarious concept.  In total, there are 6 different diagnosis profiles,  and you can see them in the advertising section of my site.  Big thank you’s go out to Fred Hammerquist, Dylan Kahler, and Nick Berry.  It was a blast working with you guys on this.

We got to do our own casting for this project, which is something I have really been enjoying.  The characters and types of people I like to photograph are a little harder to find, but the thrill of the search and the reward when you find that perfect person is so worth the extra effort.

Thanks to our friends at EVO for the amazing wardrobe and gear we used in the ads.  If you haven’t been to the new EVO store in Fremont, you should check it out.  It’s an incredible retail space and beautifully designed.  Even if you aren’t into outdoor adventures, the store and restaurants next door are worth a visit.

Styling:  Morgan Dillon
Hair & Makeup: Cara Aeschliman
Assistant: Gregg White
Retouching: Gigantic Squid


Copper Mountain Colorado

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Copper Mountain Colorado Billboard

Here’s lookin at you Colorado.  I just wrapped up this shoot for Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado, and last week they released their new branding and ad campaign featuring Fred McGilicutty, captain of the snow patrol at Copper Mountain.  This billboard can currently be seen in Dallas and Kansas City.  Wish I could be there to take pictures of the actual things.  If you find yourself driving through Dallas or Kansas City, feel free to wave at Fred and tell him I said hi.  I hear it’s nice in KC this time of year.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I feel especially thankful this year and I am very grateful for everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and take an interest in my work.  See you on the slopes.

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Hot Water Baptism

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A few months ago, I reconnected with an old friend from college, Kyle Bowden.  I had not seen him for about 8 years, since we were both studying abroad in Uruguay during my senior year.  A small group of my friends all decided to study abroad together, and we went during Spring quarter in 2002.  After we had been overseas for about 6 weeks, we had an extended weekend, and decided to get out of town for a couple days.  We ended up traveling to Suriname and got in pretty late.  Just outside of the capital city of Paramaribo was an old brick convent at the base of the hillside.  Not having made sleeping arrangements in advance, some of the guys were joking around about staying the night in the convent.  I’m sure they would rent us a room for the night right?  As the joke quickly came to an end, Kyle said in a rather serious tone.  “I am going to spend the night in that convent.”

I laughed at first, but quickly realized that he was serious.  He thought he could sneak into the convent and spend the night without being noticed.  “No way!” was the unanimous response from the group.  But this just made Kyle even more determined.  Finally, we decided that we would see just how serious Kyle was about this idea.   We made a bet with him.  If he could pull it off, we would collectivly pay him $400.  And if he could not, he had to buy the drinks for the rest of the weekend.  

Kyle gave us his backpack, took a few snacks, and headed up toward the convent.  We agreed that we would meet back at the same spot the next day at 11:00am.   

Kyle never showed up the next day.  And through a very strange chain of events, that one night turned into three long years of isolation and canning fruit.  

In 2005, Kyle was discovered and kicked out of the convent.  He is currently living back in the States, trying to re-discover himself.

You know how high school kids like to yell, and mock people while driving by in a car?  I won’t go into the psychology of why they do this, but it seems to be in their nature when a group of high school guys are together.  So just imagine a group of high school boys driving along the waterfront, and as they come around the bend, there in front of them is a nun.  With her back to the car.  How could you not yell, right?  I didn’t see them approaching at first, but I heard the screams.  Two guys leaning out the windows yelling a Braveheart kind of scream at the nun as they drove by.  The other passengers smiling from ear to ear, feeling so proud about scaring and intimidating a nun.  Then suddenly, as the car passed, the nun’s face became visible.  The screams and smiles stopped as quickly as they had started, and disappeared into complete shock and confusion.  It was priceless.