Louie Gong and Eighth Generation

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Louie Gong City Arts cover by John Keatley

Portrait of artist Louie Gong by John Keatley.
Portrait of Louie Gong by John Keatley.

I love making portraits of other artists.  True, a portrait of anyone is a wonderful mystery waiting to be unlocked, but I always have an extra sense of excitement before I make a portrait of an artist.  I think it is because they are often willing to experiment and collaborate, and are more willing to be patient while I exact my desire for perfection and exploration.  Louie Gong was no exception.

Louie Gong is an artist, activist and educator, among other things.  His heritage is Nooksack/Chinese/French/Scottish, so he brings a really unique perspective to his work, along with a modern sense of style.  His murals are incredible.  When I first saw his work, it felt somewhat familiar in the sense that there is a fair amount of Native American art here in the Pacific Northwest.  But very quickly you realize that something is different about this piece: a modern sensibility that at the same time still feels authentic to its roots.  Then I start to see the Chinese influence which seems so subtle at first glance.  It’s quite brilliant.

Louie just opened a really cool new store here in Seattle called Eighth Generation.  I want the blanket he is wearing, which he also designed.  Christmas wishlist…  If you aren’t in the Seattle area, fear not, they have a great online store as well.

This shot was a collaboration with City Arts art director Dan Paulus.  Thanks Dan!  Here is a link to the full article on City Arts.


Jones Soda

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I photographed Jones Soda CEO Stephen Jones for the November 2008 cover of Seattle Business.  I was surprised to hear that Stephen’s last name is just a coincidence, and he just recently joined the company.  We were scheduled to shoot early in the morning, but some bad news about the US economy and banking industry meant that Stephen had conference calls scheduled all day and we had to be quick.  How many soda’s does a CEO of a soda company drink in a day?  If I remember correctly, it’s about 10.

Jones Soda CEO Stephen Jones.  Photo by John Keatley.  Cover photo for Seattle Business Monthly.
Jones Soda CEO Stephen Jones. Photo by John Keatley

Jones Soda CEO Stephen Jones.  Photo by John Keatley for Seattle Business Monthly.