How To Transfer Your Domain From GoDaddy

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Over the past few years, I have registered several domains with GoDaddy.  There, I said it.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with GoDaddy’s extremely obnoxious commercials.  I have thought to myself on several occasions, “I should transfer my domains from them.”, but I have just been too lazy to actually do it.  On one hand, they are very smart in their marketing.  They advertise like crazy on a consistent basis, as well as take advantage of multiple advertising platforms.  Whether you like them or not, most people probably think of GoDaddy when they think of registering a domain because they have been so consistent.  Photographers, and freelance artists take note of the power of consistent advertising.  There is a reason so many people use GoDaddy, however insulting their ads may be.

Recently, Bob Parsons, the GoDaddy CEO did something I could’t ignore.  He traveled to Africa to kill elephants, and made a video of it.  He dresses up the whole thing by claiming he is helping farmers who’s crops are eaten by the elephants.  Needless to say, this has become a hot topic since the video came out, and Bob has since promised to kill more elephants in 2012.  I have serious issues with Bob as a person, as well as GoDaddy and the way he run’s it.

I started the process of transferring my domains from GoDaddy and if you also feel this is not a business you want to support, I would encourage you to do the same.  It’s a pretty easy switch and it doesn’t effect your website at all.  You just need to login to your account and go to the Domain Manager tab.  From there, click on your domain, and click the “Authorization Code: Send by Email” link.  This will email you a code which you will need to give to your new registrar when you sign up.  And that is it.

I have had several people message me asking where I switched to.  There are obviously many good options out there, but I chose Network Solutions.  They even have a discount right now for people transferring from GoDaddy if you use the code “ELEPHANT” when you sign up.  You may have to call in to use the code, but it is $6.99 per transfer and you keep whatever time is left on your domain plus one year for free.

*4/14/11 – Update*  Do not go with Network Solutions!  They do have a great introductory offer for transfers, but after that they are ridiculously expensive!  I am not going to make a recommendation for another place because I think there are many good ones out there, but on the basis of price alone, I am not going to recommend NS.

I understand not everyone is going to see this the same way as I do, but I just want to present the information and you can make whatever decision is best for you.  Thanks.