Out Of Sight 2016

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Out Of Sight 2016 gallery signage
Out Of Sight 2016 gallery signage
Falling Bodies by John Keatley at Out Of Sight 2016 Opening Night
Falling Bodies by John Keatley at Out Of Sight 2016 Opening Night

Falling Bodies by John Keatley at Out Of Sight 2016 Opening Night

Self portrait with my first red dot.
Self portrait with my first red dot!

In August, I took part in my fist group show, Out Of Sight 2016, at the historic King Street Station in Seattle.  Two of my Falling Bodies prints were on display, and what a thrill to be included with such talented artists from the Pacific Northwest, including two of my favorites, Rodrigo Valenzuela, and Susan Dory.

Falling Bodies #1
Falling Bodies #2

The only thing more exciting than showing at Out Of Sight this year, was selling my first print and seeing that little red dot next to the title card.  Hopefully this is just the beginning.

Special thanks to Greg Lundgren, Sierra Stinson, and Mackenzie Canlis, as well as the entire Out Of Sight team, for making this happen.



Members Only Club

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I have always been fascinated by faces.  Throughout my career, faces are what I gravitate toward.  But there have been many voices, external and internal, telling me to pull back and show more than just a face.  “You can’t just shoot portraits” the voices said.  I have experienced different periods of time where I have moved away from portraits, or at least tried to.  My general curiosities as an artist have taken me in other directions at times also, not to just make this all about a mental struggle.  I have explored environmental editorial portraiture, conceptual advertising (which I do enjoy), and many other types of photography.  Trying these other kinds of photography have allowed me to figure out what I don’t want to do, and at the same time hone my passion for the things I do want to do.  In that sense, I do not regret these periods of exploration.  If anything, this process has given me even more freedom and confidence to do what I want to do now.  This is the first time in my career that I finally feel like I have figured it out, so to speak.  I have rediscovered what I am most passionate about and what I must do, create the portraits that fill my head day and night.  I am filled with a whole new sense of excitement and creativity that I have never experienced before.  This project means so much to me, and I am excited where it is already leading me as an artist.

Thank you to my good friends, Cal, Ian, and the entire Wexley School For Girls family.

Hair and Makeup by Jennifer Popochock and Nancy Leonardi
Styling by Alexis Steniman
Retouching by Viktor Fejes
Digital Tech Lonnie Webb