Backyard Office: Concrete Foundation

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It has been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted.  Last night I got back into Seattle from an assignment that took me to Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, and Akron.  Lot’s of flying, driving, checking into hotels, and shooting.  It was a great assignment, and I’ll share the images when they are in print.  Lot’s of shooting these past weeks have also meant my list of new blog posts to write is growing longer by the day.  As soon as I get a couple of down days I’ll get back on it.

The office has seen a few delays during the last two weeks, so thankfully I haven’t missed anything yet.  It sounds like tomorrow things should start moving really quickly once they begin framing.  Below are a couple of pictures of the foundation / floor.  We went with a black hand troweled concrete floor.  It hasn’t been clear coated yet, so it will look a little shinier once that is done.  I learned a lot about concrete going through this process, and we decided to mix black coloring into the concrete so it will be black throughout the entire foundation and floor.  Some of the other options for coloring concrete include several different types of stains etc. but those are prone to fading, chipping, not producing the color you wanted, etc.  Color mixing seemed like a better option for us, not to mention we saved about $2,000 by mixing the color on site as opposed to having the concrete company do it.  That makes sense, right?  Pouring 13 small bags into a mixer.  Let’s see…  Yep, about $2,000.  I’m in the wrong line of work!

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Backyard Office: Concrete Forms

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It’s been a pretty busy week, and I haven’t had as much time to blog as I had hoped.  There are a couple days worth of progress to share, and the next phase is the forms for the concrete foundation.  It’s really impressive how they can make the forms so precise.  It looks like a big mess at first glance, but when you get up close, you can see just how precise it is all put together.  Like a surgeon.  The light blue stuff you see on top of the gravel is insulation.  We are going to have concrete floors which will be created with the same pour as the foundation.  The concrete will be poured on top of the insulation which will keep the floor at room temperature, unlike a garage floor which can get pretty cold.

Tomorrow is the inspection, so hopefully everything checks out ok!  More soon.

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Backyard Office: Ground Breaking

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This was a big day.  No turning back now.  I took a deep breath and was finally able to relax once the construction crew began to break ground in our back yard.  We had to cut down a bunch of bushes and small trees, which we were a little sad about, but we will just have to plant new ones once the office is complete.

This process took a couple of extra days because our soil was too soft.  They had to dig deeper than usual, and fill the hole in with gravel before pouring the foundation.

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