iPhone Portraits

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John Keatley iPhone Portrait of Kindra
Keatley iPhone Portrait of Kindra
Keatley iPhone Portrait of John
Keatley iPhone Portrait of John
John Keatley iPhone Portrait of Andrew
Keatley iPhone Portrait of Andrew
John Keatley iPhone Portrait of Brendan
Keatley iPhone Portrait of Brendan
John Keatley iPhone Portrait of Etta
Keatley iPhone Portrait of Etta
John Keatley iPhone Portrait of Theo
Keatley iPhone Portrait of Theo
Keatley iPhone Portrait of Rameet
Keatley iPhone Portrait of Rameet
John Keatley iPhone Portrait of Chris
Keatley iPhone Portrait of Chris

For the first part of 2016, my iPhone camera lens had a crack in it.  This was a huge bummer, because it prevented me from creating iPhone Portraits.  It was the first time in about 3 years I wasn’t creating spontaneous portraits with my iPhone.  As someone who usually doesn’t create an image without some sort of production, creating a spontaneous portrait on a whim is an incredibly satisfying and exciting experience.

Not having a fully functioning iPhone camera for several months was a pivotal time for this project.  A little part of me was feeling burnt out and tired.  In the first three years, I had photographed over 300 iPhone portraits of family, friends, and strangers.  I wondered if I would ever regain my excitement for this project if I stopped pushing myself to create.

Eventually in the Spring, I did get a new iPhone.  The 6s.  As soon as I picked up the phone, I couldn’t wait to make an iPhone Portrait.  What I began to realize is the time away from this project gave me new energy and excitement to explore and push myself further.  My pace has slowed a bit for several reasons, but my excitement and focus has only grown.  The above images are a handful of the recent portraits I have made this Summer and Fall.  I will continue to share more about this project as I move forward.

You can see a larger gallery of my iPhone Portraits here, and you can also follow @johnkeatley on Instagram to see the full project unfold.



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John Keatley rolling on a light stand at a photo shoot.

And that’s pretty much what I do on a typical day.  It’s a good life, with very few complications really.

So there is this new app called Instagram for mobile phones.  Seeing as I do not consider myself an “early adopter” it took me some time to check it out, much less install it on my phone.  Needless to say, it is pretty cool, and I have enjoyed using it this past week.  I never do anything unless I am all in, so it is safe to say, you can follow me on Instagram and expect a steady stream of photos from my adventures with a camera.  There are a lot of funny moments that happen behind the scenes, so that is what I am going to be focusing on with this outlet.  It will be a different view into my world from what I have been showing on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter etc.

You can find and follow me @johnkeatley or www.instagram.com/johnkeatley

Thanks so much, I’ll see ya out there.


Some New iPhone Portraits

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I’m back in Seattle after some busy, yet fun trips to Portland and LA. Lot’s to catch up on, but I thought I would share a few of my recent iPhone portraits. The project continues to move ahead, and as always you can see more of them in my project section as well as on my Instagram profile.  This is something I have been working on for the past 9 months or so.  I have photographed over 200 people to date so far.  All with an iPhone, and some natural light.  Nothing fancy.  Just getting caught up in a moment, enjoying no frills photography and meeting new people.


Professional Photographer Feature

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As some of you may know, last year I began a little portrait project with my iPhone and Instagram.  It began almost as an accident, but quickly became a project very close to my heart.  I have met some amazing people and heard some incredible stories along the way.  Like Jordan’s story for example.  Within just a few months, I got a call from KING 5 about going on New Day NW (watch video) as well as several other interviews.  One of those interviews just came out this month in Professional Photographer Magazine as a full feature.  As a photographer, it’s exciting to shoot for a feature, but a feature about my work is a whole new level of excitement.  Thank you so much to Jade Price and everyone at Professional Photographer for your support and interest in my work.  I feel like I am just getting started with my iPhone Portrait project, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.