My Photography Portfolio And Self Promotion

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As I mentioned in an earlier post.  I worked with designer Greg Lutze this year to create my new website and marketing materials (business cards, postcards, e-promo templates).   It was a long process, but well worth all of the hard work that went into it.  I recently took some pictures of the final products, and submitted everything to PDN’s 25th Annual Self Promotion Awards.  It would be really exciting to be selected, but even if we aren’t,  I feel really proud of what has been done here.

I remember the first time I was asked to send in my portfolio.  I didn’t even have one, much less know what it should look like.  I had been networking, trying to get people to hire me.  Then someone actually answered the phone and wanted to see more than just my website.  I didn’t know any photographers at the time, but I was fortunate enough to know Roger Feldman, who is an incredible artist.  He took the time to look at my small body of work, and helped me put something together.  Looking at my new portfolio, I can see how far along I have come, but there is still much to improve and work on.

I did quite a bit of research before I decided how I was going to put this portfolio together.  It seems like everyone has a different opinion on how how a photography portfolio should be made, and what it should look like.  Which doesn’t help the decision making process.  Each portfolio option has it’s pros and cons.  I feel like this is the most beautiful presentation, but the downside is that I can’t change the pictures.  I decided that I was fine with that for now, although I do think that I will still make a portfolio with pages that I can change.  This just shows so well, and I wanted to try for something a little different.  Especially as I started out on my national meeting circuit in June.

If you are interested, I printed the portfolio pictures through White House Custom Color.  Then I sent the prints to Leather Craftsmen, and they made the book.  They are actually a wedding album company, but that seemed like the best solution for what I wanted.