Backyard Office: Framing

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A lot has happened since I last posted about our backyard office, including the most dramatic change in the construction process, the framing.  Going from a concrete foundation to the complete structure of the building is a pretty crazy change, and it was so exciting to finally see the outline of what it will actually look like.  We have been dreaming, talking, and planning this thing, but seeing it in person is so much better.  All the framing happened in about three quick days, and since then, they have finished the plumbing, roofing, and electrical.  We are waiting on inspections at this point, and then on to sheet rock and insulation.  I’m not holding anyone to this, but it sounds like everything could be done in about 4 weeks.  Even though this has taken a lot of time and energy as far as making decisions on our end, Nichelle and I were both just talking about what a fun process this has been.  I know a lot of people hate the idea of going through construction or a remodel, and inevitably things do come up from time  to time, but we are lucky to have a great contractor who has made this whole process super smooth and easy, and has allowed us to have a lot of fun so far!  It’s fun to wake up each morning and see who is out back working and what changes are taking place.

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Tea Party With Keli Carender

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Keli Carender is credited with starting the Tea Party Movement.  Her online alias is Liberty Belle.  Photo by John Keatley.

Keli Carender goes by Liberty Belle on her blog “Redistributing Knowledge“, and she is credited with starting the Tea Party Movement.  She burst onto the political scene last summer while attending a town hall meeting hosted by Democratic Washington Congressman Norm Dicks.  She made a speech and waved a $20 bill in the air daring Norm to take it from her and use it as a down payment for health care reform.  I wasn’t familiar with the Tea Party Movement when I got this assignment, but I thought it would be awesome to shoot Keli in a way that would look like an old painting from the Revolutionary War era.  Thankfully my art director, Benjamen Purvis at Seattle Met loved the idea, and I was also able to get Keli to go for it too.  The hardest part was tracking down a period dress from the right era.  I should also mention Keli is actually a member of a comedy improv group called The Beta Society.  That obviously was a big help when asking her to dress up in costume since she is used to this sort of thing.  I don’t expect it would be very easy to get Nanci Pelosi or John McCain to wear a costume for a shoot.  Although that would be amazing!

*UPDATE* – This image was published in the 2011 Communication Arts Photography Annual competition.

Equipment Used:
Hasselblad H3DII-31 w/ 80mm lens
Profoto Giant 150 Silver Reflector
Wescott 45” Umbrella


Christmas sweaters and a little stuffed goat

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Cheesy Christmas sweaters.  Photography by John Keatley.  Ugly Christmas sweaters.

Cheesy Christmas sweaters.  Photography by John Keatley.  Ugly Christmas sweaters.

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Happy Holidays!  Inspired by this years hottest new Christmas sweaters, I decided to put together a holiday photo shoot.  Hopefully these pictures put you in the spirit. And what says Christmas like a pygmy goat.  Right? Special thanks to Jessica, Brian, and Little Wonder, the stuffed Christmas pygmy goat.  I used these pictures in an e-promo that was sent out to ad agencies and magazines today.

All I did was suggest that we take the little goat out for a few pictures, but I guess that was the wrong thing to say!