Backyard Office: Siding and Drywall

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Things are moving along at a pretty good pace now.  Over the past couple of months, there were a few setbacks which held things up for a while, but it looks like we are in the home stretch at this point.  The last few windows were supposed to arrive today, but didn’t, which was a bit of a bummer.  I felt like a kid at Christmas waiting for those dang windows, but hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.  Maybe Santa got stuck in the chimney or something.  Who knows.  There is actually going to be another window on the front where the large area of wood siding currently is, so once that is in, it will look quite a bit different.

I am really happy with how the wood siding turned out, and I love the stain.  I went to great lengths to find that stain color, and even worked my way onto several construction sites before I finally tracked it down.  It was worth the extra effort though, and turns out it was one of the colors we thought we hated when we were going through small color swatches.

Hopefully the windows will arrive tomorrow, and I will post more pictures when they are in.