Photography Talk Video: Chapter Two

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Photography Talk Chapter Two Video from John Keatley on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed the first video of my photography talk.  As promised, here is the second video, and number three will be rolling out very soon also.  The third one will be the Q&A session.  I cover a lot of ground in this video including working with celebrities, but the main points are focusing on what you are trying to show in your work, and taking control to make it happen.  Some of you have asked which camera these videos were shot on and although I have recently started to shoot video on the Canon 5D Mark II, I actually used this bad boy to film my talk.


Photography Talk Video: Chapter One

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Photography Talk Chapter One Video – My Photography Story from John Keatley on Vimeo.

A couple of months ago I hosted a Q&A and spoke about my photography to a group of about 100 people in Seattle.  Many people who were not able to attend sent in questions, and expressed interest in watching a recording of the talk.  Well, the wait is over.  This is the first 15 minutes of the talk and I am going to do my best to have the rest up by the end of the week. So check back often.  Enjoy, and thank you everyone who came out to hear me, and to everyone else who is reading this for your interest in my work.


Photographer Video Profile: John Keatley

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I made a quick stop in New York last November, and while I was there I headed over to Redux to do a video profile shoot.  They have been pumping out some great videos of many of the photographers on the roster, and you can see them all at the Redux site as well as the Redux Vimeo page.
This is a pretty cool idea, and hopefully will help art buyers get some insight into how each photographer works.  The videos should also make for some good marketing material in the coming year.

I hope everyone had a restful December, and you are looking forward to 2010.  I have really enjoyed taking some time off recently.  It has given me the opportunity to clear my head, and re-focus for the year to come.  I’m learning the importance of slowing down every once in a while, and just taking a rest.  With the way things are going these days, it’s easy to think you have to constantly be creating new material to keep up.  I suppose it is possible to keep up that kind of pace but it is also exhausting.  I want to make sure I am staying balanced so I can create through inspiration, rather than creating because I feel I have to.

Thank you everyone for your continued interest in my work.  I am working on some projects right now I am very excited about, and I am looking forward to sharing my photography with you in 2010!


Publicis Photography Show Recap

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Use the arrows to manually scroll through, or click the play button to start the slideshow.

If you are viewing this in a reader, you may need to visit the blog to see the video and slideshow.

I would like to start by thanking everyone who was able to stop by my show earlier this month, and also everyone who was not able to make it, or just didn’t want to.  You are reading my blog now, so I thank you for that.  Also a very big thank you to Publicis for hosting!  Especially Wade, Carrie, and Lauren.  I had a great time.

It’s an exciting thing to see your own work printed large, or at least larger than a portfolio.  I felt like I was seeing the images for the first time in a way.  Since the show is no longer open to the public, I thought I would share some pictures and a video from the party (above).  Below are the images that are on display, along with the titles and descriptions.  Email me at john@keatleyphoto.com if you are interested in purchasing a print.  I am also selling prints in different sizes than the ones at the show.

Hopefully this will be the first of many shows to come.

Albert And The Eggplant.  Photo by John Keatley.

Albert And The Eggplant – 18×24
Personal Work, 2004.  An afternoon with Albert is like no other afternoon you could imagine.  Albert has a unique way of doing just about everything, including cooking an eggplant.  It involves making a big mess and cleaning up with a spoon and a bowl.

Albert In The Basement.  Photo by John Keatley.

Albert In The Basement – 24×36
Personal Work, 2004.  Albert lives in Bellevue with his wife, and he marches to his own drum beat.

Roloff Twins.  Photo by John Keatley.

Rolloff Twins – 18×24
Zach and Jeremy Roloff are twins, although not identical.  I have been photographing the Roloff family for The Discovery Channel for the past couple of years.  They are the family on the TV show Little People Big World.

Street Youth: The Christmas Bunny.  Photo by John Keatley.

Street Youth: The Christmas Bunny – 18×24
In 2008 I set up a studio at a Christmas party for street youth in Seattle’s University District.  Not a Halloween, or costume party, but a regular Christmas party.  This guy arrived wearing a small bunny costume, and it very well could have been everyday outfit for all I know.

Street Youth: Fuzzy Hood.  Photo by John Keatley.

Street Youth: Fuzzy Hood – 18×24
Portraits are a luxury for street youth, and I know it meant a lot to them to be photographed.

The Writer.  Photo by John Keatley.

The Writer – 24×36
Every once in a while, when I am least expecting it, things just seem to fall into place and something exciting presents itself.  That was what happened when I photographed Josh Hornbeck in 2007.

Greg Lundgren.  Photo by John Keatley.

Greg Lundgren – 24×36
Greg Lundgren is a business owner and a prank artist.  This is a portrait of Greg conducting business.

The Nun.  Photo by John Keatley.

The Nun – 18×24
Personal Work, 2009.  Inspired by actual events which never happened and a love for classic paintings.

Annie Leibovitz.  Photo by John Keatley.

Annie Leibovitz – 18×24
This is my portrait of Annie Leibovitz, recently selected for the American Photography 25 contest which is one of the greatest honors in photography.

John Perkins

Dr. John Perkins – 18×24
I felt compelled to photograph Dr. John Perkins after hearing him speak in 2007.  His life story and message of love and redemption struck a chord with me.  John is the author of several books, including “Let Justice Roll Down”.

Buster Brown

Buster Brown – 18×24
Personal Work, 2007.  Bus is a close family friend and a farmer who lives in Woodinville with his wife Ida May.  This portrait was taken on their property just before fresh strawberries and ice cream was served.

Ida May

Ida May Brown – 18×24
Personal Work, 2007.  Ida May is the wife of Bus.  They live in Woodinville where they still have many acres of land.

Jeff and Karl

Jeff and Karl – 24×32
Personal Work, 2009.  The first in a series of many yet to be completed works.

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