What A Great Day

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Wow.  That pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now.  Late last night I posted Zachariah’s Portrait along with some information on sponsoring a child (Zachariah specifically) with the hope that maybe one person would feel inclined to support the work being done to educate and love children in Liberia.  Those kids, and the Liberian people, have really been on my heart lately, and I just felt it was an opportunity I needed to share.  Well, not only was Zachariah sponsored as of early this morning, but all four of the children needing sponsorship have now been supported.  I heard from Daryl Finley, the founder of Well Done Organization tonight, and he has received numerous emails from you asking if you can still help.  I didn’t expect such an outpouring of love and support, and I just want to say thank you.  You really touched my heart today.

Although there are no children currently listed, there are still several children who need sponsors, and it sounds like the program will be expanding shortly.  Please make sure to check the website from time to time, or if you want to get on the list you can also use the WDO contact page.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up today to help.  Some of you donated your money, some of you helped spread the word on Facebook, and many of you ReTweeted  my blog post link.  Thank you to everyone.  It is so great to be part of this community and to see what we can accomplish when we work together.