The 2018 Keatley Family Picture

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The initial response to the 2018 Keatley Family Picture was what this year’s concept was all about. Deep disappointment. Confusion as to why we seemingly played it safe with nothing more than a purple theme. And uncertainty as to whether this really is the Keatleys or not.

It is true, two of the four individuals in this picture are NOT Keatleys!  There is little that I enjoy more than creating a strong response in others. You might even call me an instigator. But the choice to replace my wife and myself with our good friends had me laughing for days.

As production began on this concept, the question became “how closely do we try to resemble Nichelle and I?”  We considered leaving Jess and Brian as their natural selves, as we often are disguised in wigs and costumes in our family pictures. But if felt too obvious, and this picture needed subtlety to soar.  In the end, my hat tilt and Nichelle’s dark hair were key to pulling this off.

Many thanks to our kids for going along with my crazy ideas. Thankfully they seem to understand that they were born into this! Thank you to Brian and Jess for nailing the subtleties. Also a big thank you to Lindsey Watkins and Kristen Bonnallie for the styling magic. Retouching by GILD Studios.


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