The Value of a Photographer

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Somebody who can light, and show up, and make a portrait is of no value anymore.  It sounds like just another wild statement to grab your attention, but it’s actually true.  I interviewed my incredible rep Maren Levinson of Redeye for our Survival Guide workshop and what she has to say is so powerful, I wanted to share it with everyone.  This is such great advice for artists today.  The industry is changing rapidly, and it is really important to understand what your value is as an artist, and how you fit into the big picture.  I hope you find this exciting and inspirational.  If it strikes a chord with you, and you want to learn more about marketing, strategy and business for artists.  You can check out one of our Survival Guide workshops on our workshop page.  To receive updates on future workshops and opportunities, email nichelle@keatleyphoto.com.


It seems that these days, photographers are NOT valued that much anymore. Now that EVERYBODY (well pretty much everybody), has a camera or shall I say, a smartphone. I have encountered several who say, "I can take photos also, and cheaper!" So, not only am I a photographer, but a lecturer, teacher, etc to convey the message that us as photographers can take better photos than just your normal, "smartphone user."

POSTED BY Antonio Espino on 12-29-2015

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