Working In Liberia

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John Keatley photographing a young boy in the Dark Forrest village in Liberia.

Portrait of photographer John Keatley in Liberia.

Nichelle and I just got back from dinner with the team from MiiR Bottles and Well Done Organization I recently traveled to Liberia with.  It was fun to be with everyone again and re-live some of the stories from our trip.  Especially for Nichelle to hear stories from other people’s perspectives.  In the few weeks since I have been back in the States, I have constantly been thinking and dreaming about all I learned in Africa.  There are some ideas and projects I am working on in response to my experience, and I will be sharing more about all of this over the course of the next several months, or maybe longer.  Before I get to any of that, though, I need to do yet another website update to accommodate the Liberia project, as well as another personal project I am working on.  A book is also in the works and is projected to be out around May.  Fingers crossed.

MiiR is doing a blog series about our trip, and I am the guest blogger for day 1 if you are interested in reading a little more about Liberia from my perspective.

More to come soon.  This is just the beginning.


I love seeing behind the scenes shots. So awesome your able to do something to give back and gain perspective at the same time. Can't wait to hear more about this project.

POSTED BY lonniewebb on 2-14-2011

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Great work. Have to chuckle though at seeing the giant octa in a tiny village in Liberia. Leave it to Keatley to make sure his beloved octa made the trip. ;-) Will make for great images though, as seen in the guest post over at MiiR's site.

POSTED BY Earnie Glazener on 2-14-2011

Love MiiR bottles. Great product. Great Message. Awesome Brand. What a cool project John. LOVE to see the Mariners gear in Africa!

POSTED BY Jeff Richards on 2-15-2011

Can't wait to hear more John!

POSTED BY Ashley on 2-15-2011

I gotta represent Seattle. Even when the M's can't do it themselves. It was such an awesome trip and I got to connect with some wonderful people too. I gave the Mariners hat to a new friend in Liberia. Thanks for writing Jeff!

POSTED BY John Keatley on 2-16-2011

Looking forward to seeing more.

POSTED BY Sharon Campagna on 2-22-2011

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